[Pictures] Last two days.......

Hey peeps!

Last two days, this what I do!

1) I date with Chicky Nando's :)

2) Makan makan time with le' familia at Flaming Steamboat, Section 33, Shah Alam

Meet 'em!
Cousins | Uncles | Aunts | Nephews | Parents | Lil' Brotha

Hai little ones!
Tsaqif & Syahmi

My crazy Cuzzy Fuzzy Buzzy Wazzy cousins!
Along | Kak Aliaa | Airiel | Aiman | Kak Miera | Abang Am

My little handsome boy!

4) RIP for Oyen!
171113 - Oyen dead!

I'm having mixed feeling last two days! Happy + Sad! Btw, I'm all fine!


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  1. dulu zuby ada kucing jugak, time dia mati serious moody satu hari !