[Picture] Trip To Vietnam - Part II

Hey peeps!

Continue from my first post in blog, Trip To Vietnam - Part I.

They enjoying the mango!

1 2 3 cheese...
from left: Aina, Amni, Zaty, Piya, Me & Asmaa

Infront of Banana Leaf @ Saigon
Dinner time.
from left: Asmaa, Aina, Piya, Madam Zaza, Amni, Me, Sir Attik (behind), Zaty, Madam Muni, En. Azhar
sit: Syali

At our hotel lobby.
Madam Zaza and Simon, our tour guide

Ben Thanh Market

Special Library

Us infront of the Special Library

Our dinner!
Ohh yummy!

In the bus heading to the airport...
At this moment, having mixed feeling.
50-50 wanna go back or not! #ehh

At the airport.
Time for us to fly back to Malaysia...

3 days 2 nights in Vietnam had gave me lots of experienced. It was one of my sweet memories. Lots of new things I gained from here such as their cultures, peoples, places, history, languages and etc. Hopefully I could visit Vietnam again. But, the best moment is when we go for shopping. Hihi,

Okey, my story end here. Hope you enjoy all the pictures in Trip To Vietnam - Part II.

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