Mommy! A Mom, A Teacher \(^_^)/

Hey peeps!

Sempena Teacher's Day nie, I nak share something la... "Mommy! A Mom, A Teacher" 

"Mom there, mom here, mom mom mom everywhere...."
"Teacher there, teacher here, teacher cher cher cher everywhere...."
And.... That is my MOM! 

Nahh! Here is the picture of my mommy! d(^.^)b

Nama mommy kita Norli Binti Mokhtar. Mommy kita born on 6th February 1968. Mommy get her first education at SRK Sultan Alam Shah (1), PJ. Lepas tu, mommy continued her studies in Methodist Girl School (MGS), Klang and Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan, Perak. Lepas tu, mommy terus continued her study dekat University of Winnipeg, Canada in TESL. Now, mommy is an English teacher. She work at SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang.

Mommy...My mom, my teacher, my everything lahhhh

Mom act like a mom and also a teacher. Mommy pernah ajar I English masa dekat sekolah dulu. 3 years kot mommy ajar I. Hihi, But, at the same time mommy also act like a mom. Kejap kejap panggil I, kejap kejap panggil I. Hahahaaa,

Mom act like a mom,
  • When she wake us up every morning
  • When she make breakfast for us every morning before off to school.
  • When she ironing our school uniform every night. 
  • When she drove lil' brotha and me to school and tuition.
  • When she make sure everything is well prepared for her childrens every morning. Like... "Duit sekolah dah ambil?" "Buku semua dah bawa?" and bla bla bla...

Mom act like a teacher,
  • When she already entering the school compound. Like... "Pelajar! Tuck in your uniform!" "Pelajar! Masuk class!" and bla bla bla... Okey! Itu memang teacher aite'
  • When she already entering her class. "Class! Today we study this and this..." "Class! Today we do this and this..." Ohh! Mommy very commited in her work as a teacher!
  • When her students fall sick in school

So, sempena Teacher's Day nie, I would like to gratitude a big thankful to my mommy. Without mommy there is no me in this world. Huhu, Mommy, layan jew semua benda yang I nak and she never say No! Except if benda tu tak bawa manfaat baru dia cakap 'NO!" Huhu, Mommy tak pernah kedekut duit terhadap anak dia dua orang nie kalau shopping books! Mommy love books so much! That's why anak anak dia nie pun suka membaca! Herherherrrr... Mommy tak pernah merungut penat in front of us. Mommy sanggup keluar masuk hantar we all pergi tuition everyday to make sure we success in our study. Ohh! Without mommy I dunno what will happen to me in the future.

Mommy suka jadi teacher sebab she love to share her knowledge with everyone. Mommy tak pernah kedekut ilmu. Besides that, mommy is very friendly with her students in school. That's why her students really respect her. Mommy also very active berpersatuan in her school. She is the Penasihat for Pandu Puteri in school. She love her Girl Guides. Besides that, mommy memang banyak ilmu pasal girl guides. Coz' mommy once a girl guides before when she was a school student before. Hihi, That's why many peoples love her. I'm really proud with my mommy!

Mommy! My mom, my teacher...

That's all

Happy Teacher's Day!!!

K Bye!

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