"Saya suka awak, tapi......" :)

Hey peeps!

Moshi moshi...Mashimaro! :P

My 3rd post in blog for March! Since I've been to busy with my assignments. So, I don't have anytime to spend with my dearest blog! And today is a day with you blog.... :)

Okey! Let's have some Manglish here in today post! Hihi,

Hurmmmm, I dunno when this feeling come for you. Seriously, I dunno..... But, when I look at you I have this one feeling that I could not express it by words, by act and so on la... And jyeah! Actually sebelum nie I don't really know you. Well, I heard peoples around me kadang kadang ada sebut nama you. But, I tak kenal you langsung. Until one day I've met you face-to-face and you wanna know what my heart say..."Ohh, so this is the guy that all my friends talked about!" Geez! Nampak sangat like i've been living dalam gua kan! Hahahaa. Bak kata pepatah orang orang melayu, "macam katak bawah tempurung" *sobs sobs* Tapikan, you dah lama jadi one of my BBM contact tau not just that, you following me on Twitter too. But, I jarang BBM with you sebab I dunno know you before. Stupid me! Hahahaa,

Persoalannya sekarang nie kan, how come suddenly I like you so damn much pun I tak tau. I could see this when peoples around me keep on saying your name. Talk about you. Hurmmm.... So, I pernah cakap with my roommate that I suka kat someone nie that is YOU! Since that, I feel so happy when I heard peoples says your name. Hahahaa,,, macam teruja la! *malu malu*

Okey, for you guys information, Me and "HIM" study dekat sama tempat, sama course, sama faculty, sama part BUT different group! Kihkihkih! How I got to know you? (i don't wanna tell here. Just keep it secret!) Since the first time we met, that was the first time i've been talking too you. And since that too we had been friend. Besides that, we keep on meeting and talking and texting and so on la.... Hahahaa, Thus, maybe my feeling towards you had come from there. Tsk tsk tsk!!!

Maybe I keep saying that I like you, but I don't think so you like me! Why? I know you like somebody else. I can feel it and I can see it. But, I tetap cakap dekat roommate I yang I really like you! *sigh* I dunno how to express it more deeply. What I just can say is "Saya suka awak, tapi....." 

I feel like wanna express this feeling too you but I scared. Bukan scared jew actually tapi malu, segan dengan sekutunya sekali la... Well, nie bukan novel tapi reality! Giler nak express macam tu! Bikin hot issue jew kan! Huhu, I'm keep on blushing when peoples around me keep on bahan me with you! *sigh* Perlu ke?

"Saya suka awak, tapi....." saya tau awak suka orang lain kan. (no need la story dekat sini.) Thus, since I dapat tau you like somebody else. I try to keep myself far away from you. Since that, I try not too think about you anymore. Ye lah, what for I'm keep my feeling towards you since I tau I cuma bertepuk sebelah tangan. So, since the day I got to know you like somebody else, I cakap dengan roommate I, "Please jangan sebut nama you depan I" Not just that, I try to avoid myself dari tegur you, terserempak dengan you. Tapi I tau bukan senang nak lupa someone yang I like. Jyeah! Mulut cakap lain, hati cakap lain! And it is true! I cakap memang senang nak lupakan you tapi hati......(tau tau sendirilah). I dunno what to write anymore. What I can just write is "Saya suka awak, tapi....."

Saya suka awak! I like you! Saya suka awak! I like youuuu! ~ngee~

p/s: You! Kalau baca nie. Harap harap fahamlah! *peace* 

Bye bye! \(^_^)/

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