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This week dah habis dah semua sesi kuliah I untuk semester 4 at UiTM Machang, Kelantan. Final Exam is just around the corner. My paper start on 2nd April till 9th April.

My Semester 4 Final Exam Timetable
2nd April 2013
( Tuesday )
2:15 pm – 5:15 pm
( Pn. Nur Shaliza Bt. Sapiai )
7th April 2013
( Sunday )
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

2:15 pm – 5:15 pm
( Pn. Noor Arina Bt. Md Ariffin)
( Pn. Zaila Bt. Idris )
Dewan Pro

9th April 2013
( Tuesday )
2:15 pm – 5:15  pm
(Pn. Siti Aswani Bt. Mohd Ghazali )
Dewan Pro

So, you all semua dah baca and tengok my final exam timetable aite'? Now I wanna share a few pics of my classmates with our lecturers in semester 4...... :)

Us with Madam Zaila
Last class for IMD253 ( Organization of Information)

Us with Madam Aishah
Last class of IMD256 ( Management of Records Center)

Sir Akmal teach us cabelling :)

Trying to pasang the cable! :)

Us with Sir Akmal
Last class of IMD259 (Technical Support Service & Maintenance for Information Agencies)

p/s: the yellow shirt tu our lecturer okay! :)
p/s: Picture above credit to Alief Danial facebook! http://www.facebook.com/alief.danial

The PC Maintenance class
IMD259 ( Technical Support Service & Maintenance for Information Agencies)

Tadaa.... So, you guys can imagine aite' how we were in the class.... Hihi,

So, I wanna thanks to all my lecturers in giving us their knowledge... To Madam Zaza, Madam Zaila, Madam Aishah, Madam Huda, Madam Aswani and to our Sir Akmal :)

p/s: Sir Akmal had been teaching us since we were in Semester 2 till Semester 4. So, 3 sem derr 3 sem he been teaching us. From IMD152 (Management of Internet Resources) to IMD205 (Multimedia for Information Presentation) and now IMD259 (Technical Support Service and Maintenance for Information Agencies).

And good luck to my class D1IM110 4A for final exam... :)

Okey! That's all...

Bye bye! \(^_^)/

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