[Picture] Me Turn 20 Alreadyyyy.....:)

Hey peeps!

Moshi moshi...Mashimaro! :P

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Bornday to Me,
Happy Burpday to Myself,
Happy Birthday, Bornday, Burpday to Me..... :P

Yezza! on 26th March 2013 I've already turning 20! You know 20! T.W.E.N.T.Y (20).
Good if you understood! Hehahaa...

And tadaa.... Birthday wishes from my friends throught many medium of technologies... :)

My birthday wishes through my BBM Contacts and Text Messaging :)

My birthday wishes through my Twitter account... :)

Nahh, follow my Twitter ----) https://twitter.com/FaraRoslan93 (click the link!)

My birthday wishes through my Facebook account.... :)

Nahh, add me on Facebook ---) http://www.facebook.com/nurulfaraharoslan (click the link!)

And my birthday wishes from my friends to me eye-to-eye... :)
Thank you to,
Auni Athirah, Capie, Ekin, Nurul, Farah Eliani, Aziem and Syafiq

And.... besides that,
SimSimi wish me Happy Birthdayyy! *dancing dancing*

And besides that I asked SimSimi to sing for me a birthday song, but I got "Crazy!" from this social chick! :P

That's all.....

p/s: On my birthday, I got a prank from my family.... Naisssss! (Y) \(^_^)/

Bye bye!

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