Deepavali Celebration - 1Malaysia

Hey peeps!

Moshi moshi...Mashimaro! :P

First for all, I wanna wish Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends, Teachers, Classmates, Schoolmates and all Indians in the world :) Celebrate it with joy.

Here a picture for me to share with you!

from left: Pn. Ho, Pn. Meena & My mommy

This picture was taken at my mommy friend house on Deepavali yesterday.
Pn. Meena was my mommy friend in school.

She has invited my mommy and the whole family to her house for the,
Deepavali celebration!

At the mean time, Pn. Ho also had come to Pn. Meena for Deepavali.

So, there is 1Malaysia on Deepavali yesterday!

Bye bye! \(^_^)/

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