Winnie The Pooh \(0_0)/

Hey peeps!

Moshi moshi....Mashimaro! Wekk :P

Winnie The Pooh is my one and only most favorable teddy bear since I was small!
I dunno why I love Winnie The Pooh so much!

The first time I looked on Winnie The Pooh
I fall in love with this fat tummy teddy bear who loves eating honey!

So, since that I never missed watched all Winnie The Pooh series on Disney Channel till now!

Btw, I have two fluffy toy of Winnie The Pooh in my room!
My first Winnie The Pooh is a present from my mommy.
Mommy bought Winnie The Pooh for me coz' I'm going to school with my lil' cousin 9 years back in United State.
My second Winnie The Pooh, I bought it with my mom in Shah Alam where there is a warehouse sales and I bought it few years back!

Thus, till now I never let any single person to touch my sweetheart Winnie The Pooh!
Except my mommy only can touch it!

Ti Amo Pooh Bear! xoxo

Bye bye!

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