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Moshi moshi....Mashimaro! Wekk :P

Okey! Now guys looks at the pictures below! The highlighted want! Ahaks! Bingo! "School Memories" :) This school memories jadi trending dekat Twitter semalam. So, as I was tweeting with my school friend, Indah suddenly I dapat idea nak tulis nie dalam blog.

So, nak complete kan story morry I jadi I pown print screen la trending nie from my Twitter for Blackberry! Hehahaa.....

So, I nak share sikit beberapa memories I time sekolah dulu. Yang mana I ingat la yek! Heheh!

My memories masa Primary School :)

  1) When I was in primary school, I always failed in Mathematics! Why? Coz' I really hate subject that have counting. So, how much effort that I put in Maths, I kept own failing. I dunno what to do... :O

  2) When I was in Primary school, masa time recess, I will always bought Milo Ais. Ahahah! That's was my favorite drink. :)

  3) Masa standard 1 dulu, I get 100% for my pendidikan Islam and my ustazah give me a present :) At that time I was so happy! Weehoo....

  4) From standard 1 till standard 3 I wore pinafoe to school! Huh! Ada Aku Kisah kalau orang nak marah! Lantak diaorang la kan... Wekk :P

  5) My rumah sukan is green colour. That is Bendahara :)

  6) The most funniest teacher in my primary school is Cikgu Nazri :) Heheh! He is so damn funny! :)

  7) When I was in standard 4 till standard 6, I always skipped latihan rumah sukan when It's come to lompat tinggi. Why? Geez! I hate lompat tinggi. Coz' I can't jump very high! Heheh! 

  8) I went to Pendidikan Islam class only pakai tudung but, after that class over my tudung pown hilang. Hilang pergi mana? Masuk dalam beg sekolah la.... Taehehee... >.<

  9) Just Umira and Me the only Malay girls yang ada dalam kelas Kuning! Huhu...

10) I love to go to my school bookstore and I dunno why? Kekeke...

11) My friends teach me how to putih my school shoes back! Ahahah! Using chalk! Kahkahkah! Since that I always do that to my shoes! :)

12) I hate science subject!

13) Bila tamat waktu sekolah, I always walked to mommy school and waited my mommy in her staffrooms :)

14) I entered Puteri Islam when in primary school :) Its uniform dah macam 'Puteri UMNO' Kekeke...

15) I love to play at pokok besar that have in my school :)

16) Masa standard 1 terus kena chicken pox! Hohoho..... *sigh*

17) My Bahasa Melayu (BM) teachern when I was standard 6 is Cikgu Lutfi. He is a nice teacher :)

18) My Mathematics teacher always asked us to solve a Mathematics questions in front on the blackboard! Geez! I hate that!

19) My the most fierce English teacher known as Pn. Susheela. She is so sacry but I like the way she teached me English.

20) My friends name that I still remembered till now is Umira, Indah, Sarah, Ili, Asma, Fawwaz, Rasyid, Zul, Addin, Sabrina, Alice, Hsu Chien, Ching Yin, Shalini, Thivashini, Tharvin, Ashveen, Vindhya and many more. Is too many for me to write it down :)

I think that's all I can remembered my memories when I was in primary school. Actually there is still a lot but I'm not totally recall on that! :)

Much love! xoxo

I missed my dah in SK (1) Simpang Lima, Klang ( 2000 - 2005 )

My memories masa Secondary School :)

  1) Once again I failed my Mathematics and Science subject! Heheh! :) *please don't say anything*

  2) When recess time, first place I go is my school Koperasi! Ahahah! Go and buy chocolate la...

  3) I hate to go to my school toilet! Yucksss!

  4) I love Wednesday! :)

  5) I'm a girl guides! Always active in co-curriculum :)

  6) I've become a prefect once but, then I quit! Heheh! Not nice la become prefect takde feel langsung!

  7) My mommy teached English in my class for three years and I never once call my mommy as a teacher in a class! Ahahah! Why? Coz, I feel so weird! Kekeke...

  8) I keep on skip my latihan rumah sukan! I hate that so much!

  9) Keep on yawning and sighing when it come to Pendidikan Islam in school! Why? Don't ask la...

10) I love history class. Imma the excited one in the class! Ahaks!

11) First time, I wore an Indian costume when in malam kebudayaan for Kem Perdana! Ahahah! Nice... And we win the best costume! :)

12) My kaki kanan berbalut with bandage a few days before PMR coz' I terseliuh teruk!

13) First time, my mommy bagi lepas kan I naik flight with my girl guides friends for Jamboree in Indonesia! One of the best memories ever! :)

And... Actually there is still a lots of memories! But, I can;t recall everything! Huhu #iSad! :(

Much love! xoxo

I missed my SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah ( 2006 - 2010 )

That's all from me....

I have a great memories in Primary School and Secondary School! 

I missed all my schoolmates, classmates and bestmates! :)


Bye bye! :)

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