Apa nie!!? (O.0)???

Hey peeps!

Moshi moshi! :)

Actually I dunno what to write here that's why I just put "Random". But actually I wanna share this feeling. Certain peoples around me always say this to me "Ye la kau anak orang kaya. Semua benda kau mintak, kau dapat?" What the hell is that? No idea... *shoulders up!* "Hell yeah! I did not come from a rich family okey! I come from a middle class family! Do you get it? Hope so you understand it!" Why this issues keep attacking me? I dunno why?

See this....

 How do I get my Blackberry?
answer: Ingat senang nak bodek daddy and mommy for a Blackberry! Susah tau. It takes almost an hours for me to have my Blackberry. Why? Go and ask my daddy la.... Aiyooo!

 How do I get my Apple iPod?
answer: Ohohoh! Too hard! Daddy need to be fair with me and my lil' brotha'. If my lil' brotha' can get his Nintendo DS. I should have mine too but not DS but an iPod. How do I get it? After PMR results is out! Ngeheheh!

 How do I get my J. Bovier Watch?
answer: Ohohoh! Dunno where to start? Long conversation with daddy and mommy about this watch! Seriously!

 How do I get my own laptop?
answer: Daddy said this to me "Tunggu dah masuk universiti baru dapat laptop sendiri!" And now I in university. And I get my own laptop! Heheh!

 How do I get my car license?
answer: Mommy said this to me "After your SPM!"

 How do I get my Polo Brands Stuffs?
answer: When daddy bought for him too!

 How do I get my first pendrive?
answer: I dunno something goes wrong somewhere with my daddy. I didn't ever asked for a pendrive he go and bought for me my first 1GB Transcend pendrive when I was in standard 6 primary school! Heheh!

 How do I get my Beverly Hills Polo laptop bag?
answer: Really bodek daddy to the max just for that bag!

 How do I get my ATM Cards?
answer: Daddy and mommy said "When I already entered university!"

 How do I get myself wearing a braces?
answer: Mommy said that I can wear braces when I was in Form 3!

So, look at this! Statement "Ye la kau anak orang kaya. Semua benda kau mintak, kau dapat?" Is really un-relevant statement at all! Okey! At all! Not all stuffs I could get easily! Geez! Why la you all really have a typical minded? I don't understand at all! AT ALL! *sigh*

Okey! Till here...

Bye bye!

p/s: I write this based on my feeling right now! Not to show off!

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