September :)

Hey peeps!

Happy September to everyone!

Yeah! I know is a late wish to everyone but past this few months, weeks and days i'm kinda busy with my life as a students. Yeah! Life full with assignments, classes, presentations here and there and so whatever...*roll eyes please!* Kekeke :P

Oh yeah! I have a stories to share here.....

*drum roll please!* Shake shake shake....

First story

Everything begin with an announcement, "Perhatian kepada semua pelajar Pengurusan Maklumat (IM110) Part 2 & 3 borang pencalonan EXCO baru IMAGE telah dikeluarkan. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat boleh mengambil borang dibilik IMAGE di Students Center! Sekian Terima Kasih" (Sorry, add my own words in that announcement!)... *Get A Clue from that announcement?* Yeah! That's right! I took the form, fill the form and send it. And I get a massage "Tahniah! Anda terpilih untuk bertanding jawatan EXCO Image sesi 2013." *speechless* Than please give a big smile to myself! Kahkahkah! But...."Majlis penyampaian manifesto akan diadakan pada jam 10:15pagi hari Rabu 12/9/2012 bertempat di tingkat 4 blok D(Foyer). Sila sedia dengan ucapan anda!" Ahaks! Can's say any words that morning. Nervous+Hungry+Shame=Mixed Feeling! Ayoyo! *sigh* But, anyway I made it! *Please congrats me!* :)

And I took my Blackberry, call my daddy and say this "Ayah, I made it!" Hugahugahugaa... :) And there go and election that evening too... Ohohoi! Than, I made myself as a publicity by posting this in my class facebook page (D1IM110 3A) "Salam semua u all, Jangan lupa undi Fara untuk EXCO Image semester hadapan. Pukul 3ptg nie dekat A101-KL. Undian anda sangat berharga untuk masa hadapan. Datang ramai ramai :)" *Skema!* Haha.....

Next morning.......

Start with a message, "Sila hadir mesyuarat hari ini jam 12 tengah hari bertempat di bilik mesyuarat student center. Wajib hadir!" Wajib okey! Need too...Kahikahikahik! :P And there I got my post as a "Timbalan Exco Pengantarabangsaan" *Please congratulate me la...* Shake shake shake booty! Wekk :P

Second story

As usual a call from daddy and mommy from Klang, Selangor to me here in Machang, Kelantan. Oh happy happy day! Heheh! Long conversation with daddy and mommy till I heard this from mommy "Okey la, Ummi nak kemas rumah kejap!" Oh why??? "Embong nak datang rumah kita dari Kuantan!" Aiyakk! Mommy continue speaking "Wan dengan yang lain lain pown nak datang rumah kita this week!" Geez! Why??? "Kan Kaq Sofia nak kahwin this week!" Yeah right! Why there are coming when i'm not around? And why Kaq Sofia do her wedding when i'm not around to? Argh! I'm gonna totally missed all that wedding ceremony! Little bit jealous! No no no... Too jealous! Maximum jealous. Another thing is, mommy continue tell me this, "Lepas tu Embong nak berangkat pergi Mekah nak buat Haji!" Argh moment coming to me that time! Why??? Coz' I can't send my Embong to KLIA! Geez! Gonna missed that moment too. Serious talk, maximum jealous! *sigh* Okey! What to do.... Totally nothing! *shoulders up!* Please do this #iSad face! :'(

Third story
*this story is about a few past weeks! Oh god! And I'm telling this story now!. Ok! Foineee!*

Start from a beep from my blackberry telling that is already 5th September! Okey! Let sing a birthday song to my lil' brotha, Nazrul Ridzuan Roslan on his 16th birthday this year! Yaww! His 16teen now! Ohoho! My lil' brotha already grown up! Grab my blackberry and call him, "Adik! Happy Birthday!" And he answer with a froze voice in the phone, "Oh! Thank You!" And me, aah! Nevermind! At least I already wish me him! Yeepii! :)

And.... That's all from me!

Sayonara! Bye bye! :)

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