[Pictures] Kaq Sofia Wedding Ceremony

Hey peeps!

I don't want to write but I want you guys to see all the pictures below :)

Around Kaq Sofia's wedding ceremony :)

Kaq Sofia with my mommy :)

Kaq Sofia with Kaq Mira
My cousin sistah! 
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Kaq Sofia with Along
Cousin sistah
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Kaq Sofia and Abg Kayrul :)
Oh! Meet our nephew, Ayeesha Rose :)
xoxo (^_^)

Kaq Sofia with Wan (grandmother)

Akad Nikah time :)

Kaq Sofia with Kaq Yayan
Cousin sistah! 
xoxo (^_^)

Kaq Sofia with Mak Ndak (aunt)

The newlywed couple
Kaq Sofia and Abg Shariq!
So sweeeeet (^_^)

Family from Abg Shariq side :)

Family from Kaq Sofia side :)
Kaq Sarita, Mak Ngah (aunt), Abg Shariq, Kaq Sofia, Ayah Ngah (uncle)
Much love <333 font="font">

My uncle and his grandson!
Ayah Tam (uncle) with our nephew, Mohd. Dhabit As-Tsaqif 

My dongsaeng (lil' brotha) and budak sengal :P
Nazrul Ridzuan Roslan and Sheikh Shaiff :)
Much love <333 font="font">

My cousin sistah with my mommy!
Kaq Sarita and mommy!
xoxo :)

My big family from daddy side :)
sitting from left: Lala, Mak Nadak, Pak Ndak, Aichu
standing from left: Kaq Sarita, Mommy, Daddy, Mak Da, Along, Ayah Da, Aunt Ziela, Shaiff, Atiqah, Kaq Fiza, Abg Kayrul
Sarangheyo! (^_^)

Look like SRK and Kajol! :P
Abg Shariq and Kaq Sofia :)
I Love Both Of You :)

Me daddy and mommy!
Leftenan Kolonel Roslan Othman & Norli Mokhtar
xoxo \(^_^)/

My dongsaeng (lil' brotha), cousies, nephew, budak sengal! :P
from left: Airiel, Aiman, Shaiff, Nazrul, Tsaqif
xoxo :)

My big family!
Really 1Malaysia family :)
Ti Amo! :D

My family with Kaq Sofia and Abg Shariq :)

Kaq Sofia and Atiqah
Cousin sistah!
xoxo :')

The Flesh and Blood
Kaq Sofia and Kaq Sarita
My cousin sistah :)

Kaq Sofia is so beautiful in that wedding dress :)

Whether i'm not around when Kaq Sofia wedding but I really like to share all this pictures with my friends. Thanks to my mommy coz' upload all this pictures on facebook! :) I Love it! I can feel the fun and enjoyment at that time! :) So much love! <333 font="font">

p/s: To Abg Shariq and Kaq Sofia, congrats on your wedding once again. Hope we can meet each other when I get back to KL. I can't wait for my new nephew/niece! Wakakaka :P Congrtas :)

Picture taken from my mommy facebook.

My Family really 1Malaysia :)
xoxo \(^_^)/


Bye bye!

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