Last Day For Kesatria Negara Part 3 :)

Hey peeps!

I wanna share a few pictures for my last day in Kesatria Negara....

Me and my coursemate :)

 Jyeah! Look at the picture below! Those are my friends from the same platoon with me......

With our Kesatria Negara teachers

That is me and my friends with our teachers :)

And us again with our teachers :)

Hell yeah! Last pic taken before gonna keep it in my luggage!

Really sweet moment for me to remember all the experiences and knowledge that I get from Kesatria Negara for three semester in a row!

Those pictures above was taken by me using my Blackberry on 21st September 2012 on Friday! The last day of our Kesatria! \(^_^)/

That's all for today!

Bye bye!

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