Congratulations Kaq Sofia and Abg Shariq

Hey peeps!

We meet again! Hehahaa.....

Okey! Hurm! I think is not too late for me to wish congratulations to my cousin Kaq Sofia for her wedding with Abang Shariq :) Kaq Sofia wedding was held on 21st September 2012, Friday last week. I'm not around on her wedding coz' I'm having final test at that time. Jyeah! I feel so sad coz' I can't attend my cousin sister wedding. Missed lots of fun overthere. Huhu.... Totally jealous till max! *craying* 

So, my cousin already put her wedding pictures in her facebook this few days. And..... Jyeah! She's so beautiful in her wedding dress. Okey! Now let me share her wedding pictures with you guys! 

*Drumroll please!*

Time akad nikah!
Aren't she's beautiful?
Meet my cousin, Kaq Sofia :)

Look at the picture below! They are so sweet couple! Am I right? Hehahaa.....

Abang Shariq & Kaq Sofia
A Newlywed couple :)
So sweet :)
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p/s: To Abang Shariq! Welcome to our family. I'm happy that you already become a part of our family :) We gonna meet one day! :)

Once again! Congratulation on your wedding Kaq Sofia and Abang Shariq!

Love you guys so much! :)

Pictures Kaq Sofia facebook

Bye bye! xoxo <333 font="font">

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