Arabian Night Dinner Part 3 Kesatria Negara UiTM Machang

Hey peeps!

Howdy you all! :)

On 19th September 2012, we all students Semester 3 Kesatria Negara UiTM Machang, Kelantan ada dinner sempena dengan tamat co-curriculum we all semester nie. So, our tema untuk malam dinner tu nak tau apa tak? Jeng jeng jeng..... Arabian Night! Ya Habibi Ya Maulana! (^_^)

Here are some pics for you all to see.....

Arabian Night!

My friends in the same platoon with me.... :)

My friend from Administration Management and Policy Studies (AM)

Oh yeah yeah! My platoon selama di Semester 3 nie....
Platoon Alpha!

Our commanders jadi MC for event that night!
Commander Din and ......... *sorry lupa pulak nama!* -.-"

Okey, the want on stage is Tuan Fitri *if i'm not mistaken that what is he's name*.
Performance yang okey la.... Btw, dapat big clap okey dari we all semua!
Heheh! *wink**wink*

Another performance by Tuan Fitri. This time featuring with Tuan Azham.
Hahah! Nice performance tau! :)

This want Tuan Azham had a solo performance.
He's singing Aizat song "Pergi"
Huhuhu.... Sedih la dengar Tuan Azham nyanyi....
Rasa nak nangis.... :'(

Me and my classmate, Amalie Fatihah!
Same class and same platoon too....
Weehoo! Tralalala...

Randomly performance by our commanders!
*serious! They are funny at this time!*

Another random performance.....

Amalie, Commander Ummi and me...
We are course mate in Information Management (IM110)

Secretly snap Ummi's picture!

And, that is Tuan Azrul which receiving his plaque! :)

Okey, I really enjoy that night with my friends and the commanders too.

We all semua having Nasi Hujan Panas with Ayam Masak Merah and Ikan Bakar! Ahahah! Yummy!

That's all....

Bye bye xoxo <333

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