Promotion Day @ War Museum by D1IM110 3A

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Last month, is D1IM110 3A big day, where we need to do a promotion at the War Musuem. Well, we doing this promotion is a part of our group assignment for subject IMD 202 - Promotion Of Information Products and Services. Haha... Okey It was fun coz' this is my first experienced doing all this kind of activities. Haha... Lots of new things I get from doing the promotion. Okey totally fun fun fun. Hehe...

Most bestest part it where we need to distributed our promotion flyers to the publics. Okey! This is my first time I tried to distributed all this flyers. Before this I always received the flyers but this time we need to distributed it to others peoples. Haha... But, lots of think happen when distributed those flyers, some people looked at us like a .........., and some still took the flyers and just go like that! Yaiks! Not even said a word to us! Is it hard to say a word "Thank You?" Hurm!

Value that I get more in doing this promotion is "Friendship!" <333

p/s: Credit to my classmate, Wan Nur Ihsaan who very hard did this montaj for us :)

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