My Little Dongsaeng, Nazrul Ridzuan Roslan

Hey peeps!

Meet my little dongsaeng a.k.a lil' brotha! My one and only sibling! My fighting friend at home!

Name : Nazrul Ridzuan Bin Roslan
Occupation : Student @ SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang

My little dongsaeng just received this award from the minister of defense of Malaysia due to his achievement getting 7A's 1B in PMR last year! This grand event had been held in Mindef, Kuala Lumpur. Okey! One whole family going to see him but me, stuck in university. Coz' I'm having classes at that time! Geez! I'm so jealous! Okey! What to do...... -.-"

Picture below
My Little Dongsaeng with Daddy :D
I missed my little dongsaeng and daddy so much!
*sob**sob* :'(

The pictures above credit to my mom as a photographer! :D

By the way, I get to see them when Hari Raya! Damn! Y So Long and I don't know??? *sigh*

Once again congratz to little dongsaeng on that award! <333

Bye Bye!

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