Sweet 7teen, Atiqah :)

Hey peeps!!!

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Atiqah,
Happy Birthday To You...

6th May 2012, this gugurl had turn 17 years old! My favorite sweet little cousin now already grown up! Before this she just a small cute cousin! Now she already turn 17 and also a SPM Candidates for this year! Good Luck Atiqah!!!! :)

Pic of my cousin :)

Sweet 7teen gurl!
Nur Ain Atiqah!!! :)
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
Have a Blast Birthday!
Study Hard for SPM!
Aja Aja Fighting!!! :)

hug&kiss... :)

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  1. She's cute lah :D hehe in case she read this, I just wanna wish her happy birthday!! :)