Sorority Life Game :)

Hey peeps!!!

Here is my favorite facebook game! Sorority Life!

Sorority Life Home!

Here is my cash that I collect while playing this game!

My Cash
Cash : $ 1,185,178,111

Account Balance in The Bank
Account Balance : $ 134,000,000

Seriously! I'm a Millionaire in this game!!! Bhahahah!!!! [Arrogant face] :P

My Sorority Life profile page!

Let me write down about my salary, events, fights and job that i did in sorority life down here! :D

My Job
Job: Game Show Hostess
Income : $300,000
Upkeep : $52,361
Cashflow : $247,639/hr

My Major
I'm a Business Major

Career Stats
Events Organized : 6382
Burn List Gratitudes : 0

Fight Stats
Fight Won : 2449
Fight Lost : 1793
Depressions : 83
Girls Destroyed : 6

Catwalk Stats
Walk-Offs : 18
Walk-Offs Won : 12

Intramural Stats
Pointed Score : 10929
Competition Won : 1

My Sweetheart
Ian The Interviewer

Currently in level 136

Hahaha... That is my statistic for Sorority Life game in facebook! Currently I really love playing this game and I don't know why! By the way, I'm a millionaire! Millionaire!!! Kihkihkih!!! I'm so the 'Mata Duitan' LOL! :P

Jyeah! Come and join my house and become my sister!

Follow my facebook
Than, can become my sister in Sorority Life! :)

hug&kiss... :)

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