One Great Day!!!

Hey peeps!!!!

Howdy you all!!! :) Okey today i'm so happy! I don't know why i'm so happy!!! Heheh!!! Anyway I like when i'm happy. It feel like I release from everything that mess up my head!!! Dush!!! Hik!!! Hik!!! Hik!!! :) My post today is about the past... :) Enjoy it!

Here I want to share something with everyone!!!

It's begin here.............................................. :)

Meet my new baby cousin, Haqeem!!!! Auwww!!! Isn't he cute? Heheh!!! Okey, Haqeem born on 29th February 2012. Yeah!!! Yeah!!! I know he is a "Leap Year Baby!" Heheh!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!! I knew his going to celebrated his birthday every four years! Heheh!!! Its okey maybe Aichik and Aunt Linda can planned how to organized his birthday party very well. Hik!!! Hik!!! Hik!!! Actually I haven't meet him yet! Haha!!! Yeah! I had continued my studied in Machang, Kelantan and Haqeem was born in KL. Its quite far a mile!!! But anyway my mom will brought me to see him went I got back to Klang! I'm so eager wanna meet this cute little baby Haqeem!!! :)

Hi there cute boy!!!
This is Baby Haqeem!!!!
Welcome to our family, Haqeem!!!!

*p/s: this picture credit to Aunt Linda facebook :)

Oh yeah! Wanna know how I get to know that I already had a new baby cousin?
Here a little conversation between my mom and me.... :)

Mom: Salam! Say congrats dekat Aichik dengan Aunt Linda coz' dah dapat baby. Baby boy!
Me: Baby Aichik lahir Leap year!
Mom: Wow! tak teringat pun. He. He. He...
Me: 4 tahun sekali baru celebrate. Ngee... Dah ada nama ke?
Mom: Belum. Ask Aichik!
Me: Ummi, dah tengok baby Aichik ke?
Mom: Belum. Lahir malam around 9 pm. Aunt Linda kena operate!
Me: Why?
Mom: Coz' tak boleh bersalin cara normal. Dah rasa sakit dari pagi tadi. Masuk labour room awal pagi tapi baby tak keluar juga. So, it to long. Nanti baby lemas.
Me: Owh! Dekat mana?
Mom: Dekat Pusrawi, KL. In front of IJN.
Me: Okey! Bye! :)

There where I first time get to know I already get a new baby cousin :)

Congrats Aichik and Aunt Linda!!!! :)

*p/s: actually i already know that i get a baby cousin on the day Haqeem was born! Ahaks!!! :)

Done about Haqeem!!! Now I want to share this. Haha!!!! I think no one had done this before, right? Am I right? But my roommate and I had done this. What did we do is..... We having our dinner with Pringles, Tuna spread, Maggi, Potato bun and 1.5 ml Milo!!! Ahaks!!! I know you never did this before!!! But we did this.... :)

How we eat this...
1) Dip Pringles with Tuna Spread!!!!
Gosh!!! It so freaking delicious man!!! Before this I always eating Sweet 'n' Sour Lays dip with Tartar sauce. But here my roommate teach me a new thing. Dip it with Tuna Spread!!! Haha.... Finger Lickin' Good!!! :) You guys have should try it!!!!

2) Drinking 1.5 ml Milo on that day to!!!
Great!!! First time I drink this in one day! If before I always kept it in a fridge so I can drink on the next day but here need to finish it on that day too. Cool!!! Before that, we go to the TDM Cafe and bought two cups of 20 cent ice then we had pour this milo into the cup. Aaaaaa........ yummy!!! :)

3) Maggi!!!
Hik!!! Hik!!! Hik!!! Having maggi late night! It so uncool!!! Unhealthy lifestyle!!! What to do!!!! We are hungry!!! Two packets of maggi in one bowl! Share together!!! Haha!!! Damn! Delicious! :)

4) Potato bread!!!!
I didn't eat yet! Coz'.... I'm Full!!!! Burp!!! Heheh!!! :P

Our Dinner!!!! :)

Yeah! I want to share this...... My roommate had snap this cute cats!!! Aaaaa... actually its not a cat but it still a kittens... Auwww!!! How sweet this twins kittens sleeping... :)

Hey!!! Cutie... :)

Yeah!!!!! Having a great chatting with my cousin, Faris Ikhwan!!! :) There is lot of stories we had been chatting. From one story to another story until he need to stop me by saying this... "Wehy! Aku nak tido daa....". Huh!!! Okey! Fine!!! Continue next time....

Here a picture of our chat in facebook... :)

Chatting with my cousin, Faris Ikhwan :)

Want to know more how he end up over chatting....
Faris: Weh gua nak tido dulu. Chiaw!!! Ahahaha..
Me: Wehy, awal lagi
Faris: dah la letih layan kau! Besok ada lagi.
Me: Besok ada hal la...
Faris: Bukan ada class pun. Bila-bila boleh chatting.
Me: Kau bangun ke awal-awal pagi? Massage la. Giler banyak story morry ni!!!
Faris: Tak de credit! Ahahahaha...
Me: [didn't say anything].
Faris: Dah la sambung... Bye!!!
Me: Kau kat mana nie? Rumah ke hostel?
Faris: tuuuuut... [OFFLINE]

Okey!!! Fine!!!! :P

hug&kiss... :)

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