Birthday Wish!!!!

Hey peeps!!!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to myself,
Happy Birthday to me..... :)

Hahah!!! I'm already 19 this year!!! 26th March 2012! I already turn 19!!!! Ohmaii!!!! can't believe it that I already 19!!!!

Here a few picture of birthday wish from my friends and family on facebook and twitter.... :) Check it out!!! :)

Wish from my best friends on Twitter :)

One hour before 27th March.....
Have a great chatting with my classmates and also my ex-classmate when schooling time... :) Plus I'm waiting who is the last person who wish me on facebook! bhahaha... :)

Look at the chatbox!!!! :)

Conversation on the phone with my Dad!!!

Dad: Happy Birthday Kakak!!! 19 tahun dah!
Me: Thank you Ayah! Yeap! 19!
Dad: Nanti kakak balik, kita pergi makan ek!
Me: Okey!!!

Conversation on the phone with my Mom!!!

Mom: Happy Birthday Fara!!!
Me: Thanks Ummi!
Mom: This will be your last "TEEN!"
Me: Last "TEEN?" (blurr)
Mom: Ye la, tahun depan dah bukan "TEEN" dah. You are 20 next year!!!
Me: Aaaa... Yeah! But i'm still a teenager okey....

Conversation on the phone with my Granny!!!

Granny: Selamat Hari Jadi Fara!!!
Me: Thank you Wan!!!
Granny: Makan-makan hari Sabtu kat KFC okey?
Me: Okey jew... :)

Massage from my Aunt (Achik)!!!

Achik: Happy Birthday!!! All the best!!!

Massage from my Bestfriend

Me: One more hour to go
Anis: Haha. Aku tau
Me: Apa yang kau tau?
Anis: Birthday kau la
Me: Tau pown! Present aku mana?
Anis: Haha. Tengok la
Me: Kau dengan Ikmal sama je. Monkey tu pown tak wish aku pown!
Anis: Haha, kita orang kalau tak wish pun sebab tak ingat or tak de kredit or tak on fb. Hehe (*sigh*)
Me: Bengong! Bhahahah...
Anis: Haha, daa lama tak gaduh dengan kau. Haha...
----------------*sigh*--------------- waitng for the birthday wish!!! @_@"
Me: Tau tak pe!
Anis: Happy Birthday My friend!
------------ at last @_@"----------------
Me: Pukul 12 daa... Last wish from my BFF :)
Anis: Hahaha
Me: Thanks for the wish tau!
Anis: Yeap. Hehe...
Me: Hadiah tetap ada yek!
Anis: Ceh!
Me: Wajib2x
Anis: Haha...

Thanks to my friends and family for the wish!!! I appreciate that so much!!! :)

hug&kiss.... :)

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