TDM 321

Hey peeps!!!

Hello!!! Its been so long I never post any new story right here! wasn't it? Haha... Actually I don't have any story to post by the way I've been so busy with my assignments and also test lately. Yeah! It almost near to the final so anything need to pass up to the lecturer and test is everywhere before our final exam! Haha... Totally need to study till late night!!! That is student life!

Okey! what is TDM 321?
Well, TDM 321 is my college. TDM stand for Tun Dr. Mahathir and 321 is my room number... :)

Our college is doing this activity call as 5S! And actually I have forgotten 5S is stand for what? Hehe... I'm sorry!!! :P And we need to clean our room to fulfill all the terms and conditions of 5S. Haha....

I had sharing this room with 3 others. There are Pieja, Pieka and Kak Ilah....

Here are the pic of our room... :)

TDM 321
Study table: from left: my table, pieka's table, pieja's table & kak ilah's table
Bed: left side: pieka and my bed
right side: pieja and kak ilah bed
I <3 TDM 321!!!

hug&kiss.... :)

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