maggi with milo tabur... :P

Hey peeps!!!

Hurm! How long did I never post a new story here. By the way, I always open up my blog everyday but there is no story for me post here. But suddenly as i'm pissed off with my idiot broadband i get and idea to post story here. Hehe... LOL! Idiot broadband you give me an idea to publish a story here <3 Cool! :P

It begin here....

Actually this story is about 3 or 4 days ago... Oops! Sorry my bet coz' posting a late story. Hehe... Coz' i don't know where to start. ~ngee~ :D

My roommate and her friend are gonna do their assignments together in TDM 321 which it was my room too but suddenly my roommate planning something that I never thought so! Haha...Wanna know what it is.... eating 3 packets off maggi in one bowl sharing together! *sigh* I never think to do that. Hehe... :P And it was delicious, yummy when sharing it together... and the most important part is... that bowl is totally fulled with maggi. By the way! She did that after I'm finished eating my burger! Cool right! Eating burger than having 3 packets of maggi... Gosh!!! It so damn full!!! *Burp* Hehe... Sorry my bet! :P

Next, having maggi with milo tabur!!! Haha.... Yaww!!! I never did this before! Eating maggi than drink milo tabur... Haha.... Anyway it supposed to credit it to me! Why? Coz' I did milo tabur myself. Easy! Haha.... It so damn delicious!!!! Hehe... And it really enjoyable moments... Wakakaka... LOL :P Feel like wanna did it again!!! Yeepii!!! :)

Here pics of maggi and milo tabur.... :)

Home made milo tabur by me!!! :)
*credit to my roommate pieja for the 3 in 1 milo :)
* credit to my 40 cent ice from the TDM cafe :)
hehe :)

There is it!!!!
3 packets of maggi!!!!
Yaww!!! yummy! :)
Slurppppppppppppppppppp :P

Burp!!! Oops!!! Excuse me! Sorry my bet!!!
I'm full :P

hug&kiss.... :)


  1. students always have routine like what they say sharing is caring hahaha...but the true is sharing is saving...hehehe
    next time sharing with me too ok...

  2. 3 packet maggi??! berapa org makan? haha