D1IM110 2A with Our BEL 260 Lecturer, Sir Fadhli :)

Hey peeps!!!

Here I wanna share this and I wanna introduce to all of you with my BEL 260 lecturer, Sir Fadhli! Here meet him! :) @_@!

About him.... :)
- A TESL graduated from UiTM Melaka
- A straight forward person
- His funny
- Pure Kelantanese
- Can speak Kelantan very well until I couldn't understand it but.... i don't care! hahah!
- A punctual person
- He has a caustic tougue!
- He speaks English very well
- His everything la.... Hahah!!! [to much to describe him]

Here a picture of him!

Yeah! That is our BEL 260 lecturer
Sir Fadhli :)

Okey, okey back to our topic! Right! Actually yesterday was our last class with Sir Fadhli for BEL 260 subject. So, we had a special surprised for him before we dismissed the class that evening. It had been planned very well by my classmates to surprised sir before he gone out from the class. Hurm! We had been collected RM 3.00 per head to bought a cake and also a present for him. And that surprised had been going so smoothly until sir shocked when seeing a cake in front of him. And at the same time we sing "Kenangan Terindah" from Samsons to Sir Fadhli. Well, as usual actually sir had little bit touching that time but he didn't showed us at all. Haha!!! :)

Okey at the same time we had snapped a few pictures with sir and also a few picture of my classmates when we celebrated sir at that time....

Let see those pictures below..... :)

Okey! That's Hakim...
Heheh!!! Our guitarist in that class that lead us singing "Kenangan Terindah" that evening!
Give a big clapped to him! :)

There is it!!!!
The whole class picture with our beloved lecturer and the cake!
Hahah! LOL!!! :P

A sponge cake for Sir Fadhli.....
It was so freaking delicious! [yeah! actually it has been longtime i didn't eat cake] heheh! @_@"

Sir with the girls of D1IM110 2A
which is photogenic, happening, sporting and etc...
LOL!!! :)
Luv this pic so much!!!!

Again meet Hakim the Guitarist!!!

Oh yeah! my classmate...
D1IM110 2A!!!!
BEL 260 class at B306-KL
~ngee~ =.="

D1IM110 2A students signatures for Sir Fadhli.... :)
Auwww!!!! So sweet!!!! :)

Again sir with D1IM110 2A girls
Who love to take photo!!! :P

Time where we sang "Kau Ilhamku" for Sir before we dismissed the class that evening!!!

Hakim the guitarist....... :)
Actually there are excited waiting next songs from Hakim!!!
Hahah!!! :)

Well done!
Gombate!!!! :)

Meet my classmates..... :)

Sir Fadhli is cutting the cake......

D1IM110 2A!!!!!!!! :)

Says "Hello" to them... :P

Seetiey, Alief and Maly..... :)

Sir with D1IM110 2A boys....
from left: Ikram ( class rep ), Sir Fadhli, Semmi, Pjow and Alief

Please!!! I need one song that can make me release my tension!

There they are!!!!!
"Hey guys!"
LOL!!!! :P

credit to: Amalie Fatihah facebook for the pictures.... :)

Final exam is just around the corner!!!!! :)

Hug&kiss.... :)

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