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I wanna share this with all of you. Ngee... Yesterday I'm only having a BEL 260 class but there something funny happen to me and my friends. Yesterday I'm off to bed around 3 am in the morning coz' I need to finish my BEL essay and need to submit it to Sir Fadhli the next day. Well, at the same time I'm watching again the Princess Hour for the third time. I think so... But still I don't have any idea to start my essay and also to end it. C'mon Fara, Sir Fadhli just ask us to make one paragraph of essay which need to contain a topic sentence, supporting detail and also a concluding sentence. That also take me a long time to make a simple short paragraph of essay. Haha..... @_@'. At last I finished it to and straight off to bed.

And the next day, everything start here. That morning I'm helping my classmate doing her essay until 1 am in the afternoon. Yeah! I'm always helping her in BEL class. Okey, I give a lot of ideas to her to finished her essay as soon as possible and at the same time I texting with my_____. Haha... I can do two jobs at one time. Giving idea to my friends at texting with him too. Isn't i'm great! :). So around 1.15 am in the afternoon I go back to my room to get ready my stuffs for BEL class and also a name list of my friends for the CTU books. Everything is ready and I come back to her to help her finished her essays. Haha... Lucky I can finished her essays before go to the class.

But, what makes me wonder so much yesterday it was my first time I came late to the class. I wonder why? What did I do at TDM that make me came late to the class? Haha... :P Then, when my friends and I already arrived at the Block D then my friends just scream "sir fadhli mesti denda kite kalo masuk 5 minit lewat!" and since that i'm started to run as fast as I could with my friends from Block D to Block B. Lucky i'm wearing t-shirts and jeans and it so easy for me to run up the stairs to level 3. At that time I don;t care peoples keep staring why i'm running liked a crazy peoples. Who care! I'm late for the class already! Understood! As we arrived at level 3, we start walking coz' I feel really the 'semput' coz' keep running up the stairs non-stop. Then as we walking suddenly we saw Sir Fadhli from the opposite direction on his way to entered the class and again we running as fast as we can before Sir Fadhli entered the class and wanna know something he already see us from far keep running to the class and he just smile. Haha.... Lucky!

A few minute later, suddenly I remember something. I forgot to brought my BEL books to class. That's why I feel something missing. Haha... Because we are so the 'kelam kabut' just now coz' late to the class and I left my BEL book at my friends room. Careless right? And my essay is inside the books. How careless I am!!!! Haha.... and at the same time Sir Fadhli already asking us the essay.... Wargh!!!!!!!!! Feel like wanna knock my head at the wall coz' forgot to bring it!!!! Damn!!! At least I already did my essay and I just forgot to brought it to class but the others still not yet finished their essay. Hehe... Lucky Sir Fadhli give a chance to finished it at submit it on the next class. Thank you Sir!!! Pheww.... :)

hug&kiss... :)

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