welcome to our family, Ayeesha!!!

Hey peeps!!!

Here I wanna share my happiness with all of you!!! :)

Yesterday! 11th December 2011 was my happy day. Happy day for our big family. Happy day to my cousin which already hold a title as 'Daddy and Mummy'. Happy to my uncles and aunts plus my dad and mom who already hold a title as 'Grandpa and Granny' and also to my grandmother which already hold a title as 'Great Grandmother' :) So do my cousins and I who already hold a title as 'Aunt and Uncle'. Haha... I can't believe that I become a aunt at this age! Whoa!!! Can't believe it!!! Totally I can't believe that! :)

Who is Ayeesha?

Ayeesha Rose that the name given to the baby in the picture below. She is my cousin daughter. We call her as Ayeesha! She was born at Penang yesterday! I just get a massage from my cousin that we have a new family in our big family besides my dad side. Isn't she cute!!!! Auwww!!! I'm eager wanna see her!!! Right now i'm waiting for her to comeback to Shah Alam.

Ayeesha Rose.....
i like her name........... :)

Looks! Ayeesha open her eyes....
i'm thinking who face did she follow? Abg Kayrul or Kak Fiza?

Auww!!! Ayeesha is smiling :)

those pictures above is taken from my cousin facebook!!!! :)

Congratulation to Abg Kayrul and Kak Fiza....

Welcome to our family Ayeesha!!! :)

hug&kiss..... :)

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