today, raining, happy news & injured myself.....

Hey yaww peeps!!!

Happy Sunday and happy holiday to all!!! :) I just comeback from class. My lecturer for IMD 155, Miss Fatira lets us dismissed early than before. Haha... I'm so happy!!! Ngee.. :D. Okey coz' today is Sunday, I already start my classes today and actually I'm so damn lazy to wake up every Sunday morning to go to class. Haha... Every Sunday I'm having three classes from morning till evening! I'm so tired!!!! But what can I do? I can't change the timetable! Huhu.... Why? Many things happen to me today! I will share this with you guys. :) Sharing is caring! :) *wink*!

As usual every time if i'm having class at 8, I will get up around 6. 40 in the morning. Taking my bath and many more. Haha... :) But that morning are really painful morning for me! Why? I'm suddenly having backache and I need to stick this Salonpas behind me back this morning. Actually last night already I feel like wanna having this backache prob but it not really painful as this morning. So, I just stick Salonpas so it will reduce my backache a little bit. Huhu... :( Before going to the class I prepared tiger balm in my beg so that, if the backache is back I just put the tiger balm on my back. I'm having three classes today. CTU, BEL 260 and IMD 155. Haha.... I'm so sleepy plus feel so lazy to go to the class. :)

On my way to go to class this morning its raining again. Haha... Lucky that morning is just drizzling so I don't need an umbrella anyway I hate bringing umbrella here and there. That so not me! Haha... :) At that morning, I'm having CTU class. It some kind like a religion class. Since we arrived at the class it start to heavy rain till evening. Coz' it was raining that morning I feel so sleepy in CTU class. Wargh!!!! So sleepy. Moreover, this is my second class for CTU but the lecturer already given us ASSIGNMENT!!!!!! Hoho... Lucky she give us to decide our own title for this assignment. Yeah!!!! Then I choose Bani Abbasiyah as my title for CTU assignment. Huhu... Lucky this title easy to find in our library but, I can use another sources that is our Form 4 history book. Lucky my brother have it right now! Yeah! Lucky also she ask us to submit next month. Pheww!!! Still have time!!! Relax!!!!.... Ngee... :P

As well as before, next i'm having BEL 260 class. Haha... Sir Fadhli class. Okey to class are really boring coz' we doing grammar. I not really love doing grammar. That's why I feel so boring right now. Hehe... But lucky I didn't do lots of mistakes at my grammar exercise just now. Pheww!!! Whereas I hate doing grammar but, just now I didn't lots of mistakes but just a careless and common mistakes that I always did in my essay! Anyway it never take me long to sit in front when Sir Fadhli checking my exercise. Yeay!!! Happy, happy day!!! Yeepii!!!! Happy still happy but i'm totally freezing sitting inside D405-MB class!!! It damn cold!!! I don't know how high the temperature of the air-conditioner plus it was raining and i'm all wet that time! Grrr..... :#

We finished our Bel around 1.50 in the afternoon. That time was really a heavy rain. Our next class start around 2 in the afternoon but Miss Fatira let us entered the class at 2.30 coz' she let us perform our zohor prayer first. But that is not the story i wanna share here. The story is like this.... After BEL class dismissed from block D we went straight to block A coz' Miss Fatira class was held in block A. Ayu, Ihsaan and me are on our way to block A and the rest going and performed their zohor prayer first but we go and chopped the places first. So, on our way to block A we use our library stairs. Coz' it was raining so everywhere is slippery. Huh!!!! dangerous!!! As I was going down the stairs I keep reminding myself to be careful but suddenly something happen to me on the stairs. I think at that time are really unlucky for me coz' I FELL FROM THE STAIRS!!!!!! urgh!!!! I think 4/5 steps I fell. Lucky Ihsaan didn't fell too coz' she walk in front of me. OMG!!! How pain just god know! I feel damn pain at my back and also my right elbow! Urgh!!! At that time I don't care what peoples wanna says to me or laugh at me! I don't care! What I care is my elbow!!!! Shamed? Put it away!!! At that time lucky I didn't fell my galaxy phone but nokia phone fell of from my hand. Huhu.... nevermind!!! Nokia is a strong phone! Hehe... @_@'.......

Next!!! At the same time my cousin Faris Ikhwan text me! He said that...

Faris : wehy! cuzen ko sorang nie dah dpt anak sedare pompuan!
Me : Kak Fiza dah bersalin ke?
Faris : yek! tapi x bleh tgk sbb dye bersalin kat Penang.
Me : apsal jauh sgt?
Faris : family Kak Fiza ade hal pastu diorang pown ikut ar skali....
Me : x bleh ar tgk.. :(
Faris : bleh. tggu cuti sem nanti...
Me : bereh!
Faris : K! aku nak bgtau tu je...
Me : Thnx 4 the info!!!

Yeepii!!! Happy!!! Congratulations tu my cousin, Abg Kayrul and Kak Fiza!!!!

Baby girl!!! Her name is Ayeesha Rose!
Wanna see her face? Please go to my facebook ok!


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