One week mid-sem break :P

Hey peeps!!!!

Oh yeah!!! I know this is the late wished from me but its okey, right? Yeah I've been to busy lately. Full with assignments. So, I wish Merry Christmas to all my friends who celebrate Christmas here in Malaysia and also all around the world and Happy New Year! Hope this new year will be the great year!

Haha... Okey lets start. As for me this mid semester break is not a really break for me. Wanna know why? Coz' I brought a lot of assignments back to Klang. My laptop bag is full with assignments lucky it just a piece of papers. Haha... Five assignments I need to do in one week. Started from the first day I reached home till the last day before I gone back here in Machang every single day, single hour I've been sitting in front of the my lappy to do my assignments. From one assignment to another until I did it half and I just needed to continue another half here in UiTM. Pheww!!! I thought went got back home I can sleep all the time but I still awake till late night to do my assignments. Yeah!!! This what they called as students life! [sarcastic face] :P

Actually my job is just not doing assignments but also online facebook, twitter, blog all the time but skype not really online at home. Haha....

24-7 facebook-ing all the time...
my goodness =.='

then, twittering all the time too....
OMG! this girl!!!
aren't there is more important things to do? *sigh*

Oh yeah! can't describe this...
blogging her favorite hobby....
oh my!!!! @_@'

Okey fine!!! Skype!!!
I dunno what to say!!! [don't say anything!]

Haha!!!! LOL!!!! Aren't there is no important things to do than 24-7 online from morning till late night? Huh!!!! Fara! Fara! Okey I admit here. "Its my hobby to online everyday! No one can stop me!" Haha... [pissed off face]. Do I look I care!!!! One more thing my aim before I gone back to Klang is I must watching tv everyday! Must!!! Coz' tv is one of my life, my soul who I leave there in Klang!!! Huhu.... =.=' From one channel to another channel I watched but, I'm not gonna to published all channel here okey!

Haha!!! Astro Citra ( channel 131 )

okey! one of my favorite channel...
FOX Channel!!!!
US No.1 tv channel....

Astro Warna ( channel 132)
Okey I feel so happy coz' I can watch the finale off Maharaja Lawak Mega!!!
Congratz to Osbon coz' they are the winner!!!!! :)
Peace Yaww!!!! ( AC Mizal trademark!!! )

* I missed my Astro Beyond!* [macam-macam ada!!!!!] hikhikhik!!!!! LOL :P

Online is still online, tv is still tv but assignments is still working! Haha!!!! Doing my assignments plus with tv and also online everyday!!!! From the living room I did this assignments till I brought it into the bedroom!!! Huhu...... I'm so the "rajin" right? Yeah!!! Right!!! [jerk face] Whatever!!! As long I did my assignments!!!! :P

First I got assignment from Sir Farouk class, IMD 156. Is about IFLA. Then, assignment from my ustazah for class CTU 151, my title is Bani Abbasiyah!!! Okey repeat my history back. Library here I come!!! Haha... :) Next assignment is from Sir Akmal class, IMD 152. I chose Maybank Website as my assignment. Madam Haslinda class, IMD 157. Movie review! I chose A Cinderella Story and Drumline movie as my movie review. Haha... That's is the fun assignment I ever had!!! Lastly, did my slide show for article review for Miss Fatira class, IMD 155 :P All of this assignments is 80% done by me at home!!!! Phewww!!!! :)

Slide show for IMD 155 :)
Foundation of Records Management
*please ignore my celcom broadband. i didn't use my broadband at home coz' i prefer maxis broadband at home* :D

From UiTM Machang-Klang-Raub
I brought my assignments till to my granny's house in Raub, Pahang!!!!
I'm very the "rajin" :D

Okey! I'm so lazy to opened the dictionary...
Google Translate!!!!

My IMD 152 assignment
Internet Resources Management

Look!!! Did you see what I see....
24-7 day and night i'm date with my lappy!!!!

Again and again date with lappy...
Hehe... but I still keep in touch with my Mr. Ultraman!!!!!
143 Mr. Ultraman!!!! :P

Oh yeah!!! There is are a few pics I didn't upload here coz' the internet connection here in UiTM Machang is super duper slow!!! So, this few pics I could share!!! :) Anyway I'm having a panda eyes at home!!!! Ngee!!!!! :P

Happy New Year!!!!! :)

hug&kiss.... :)