Memories Throughout the Year 2011

Hey peeps!!!

Here I wanna share this. My memories throughout the year 2011! :)

Here are some pics... :)


Muhd. Dhabit As-Tsaqif
My cousin, Kak Yayan and Abg Nuzul child
Dhabit was born on 30th Jan 2011

Holz with my aunt and cousins to Kuching, Sarawak


My cousin wedding
Abg Kayrul and Kak Fiza....


Having dinner with my mom friends
Semarak Cafe, Grand BlueWave Hotel, Shah Alam

Holz with my family, aunt, uncle and cousin at Pangkor, Perak

My uncle wedding
Aichik and Aunt Linda


Celebrating Aidilfitri at Raub, Pahang


We lost Comot on 23rd October

We lost Chiko on 23rd October too


Meet my Girl Guides at school
STAR, Klang

Going back to UiTM Machang, Kelantan
Start for the 2nd semester


Out to KB Mall with my roommate

Ayeesha Rose
My cousin, Abg Kayrul and Kak Fiza daughter
Ayeesha was born on 11th December 2011

Craziey time with my roommate

2011 moments is the best for me. Yaeh!!! there is a few pics that I never upload here. But I know it is my memories! Best memories I ever had!

hug&kiss... :)

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