jobs done!!!!

Hey peeps.....

Okey! today I feel so relief coz' a few of my job as a student already I fulfill from the bottom of my heart. Haha.... If before this as a school student i'm not a really very the 'rajin' person. But, when i'm entered here. Oh yeah! Like my mom said to me... "Duduk sana kene rajin-rajin". So, coz' of that words I become the very 'rajin' person now in study. In study only? Haha.... :) Every settle before the due date!!! Oh yeah!!! Congrats to myself. :).

Okey! Why my title today is "jobs done!". Haha... Wanna know why? Okey actually this semester I have lots of work to do. Well, as I the Assistant of Class Representative some work that are not related to my assignment also I need to do. Given by the lecturer. Okey! Lets start my story.

Its begin here....

Firstly, my job is to do the list name of IMD 156 presentation groups that given by Sir Farouk. Okey and I already finished it. And now I just need to print it out and give it to Sir Farouk. On his next class.

Secondly, I've done my job searching all the past year question for IMD 156 that Sir farouk asked us to find it. And I already found it. Past year question from 2007 till 2011. Haha... Lucky that time internet damn fast!!! It makes me more easy and fast to download it everything. And now I need to print it out too to be use in his class next week.

Thirdly, Well, Sir Akmal our lecturer for IMD 152 has given us an essay about "Server". And he doesn't care we can find about the server from which sources. And I already done it earlier and already submitted to him by his e-mail. Haha... Isn't that fast? Haha.... Thanks to my classmates who help me how to post my work to Sir Akmal.

Fourthly, I already send my registration form for National Kesatria and also it fee. Haha.... :)

Lastly, I'm still finding about IFLA in the internet. This job still in progress... Haha... :) But it will be settled in just a few weeks if all my group members give full co-operations together among each other to finish this groups presentation for IMD 156.

Actually did you wanna know something? This is my first time I did my job early and prepared it early. If before this everything I did it last minute and I will be so the 'kelam-kabut' person. And the most important thing is I feel like wanna scold everyone at that time. Haha....... That was me!!!

hug&kiss... :)

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