hey Klang! Fara is back!!!!

Hey peeps!!!

Yeepii!!!! I'm so happy!!! I can't describe my happiness right now! Really can't describe it! I really can't! Only God know how happy I am! :) Happy! Happy! Day! I arrived in Selangor yesterday night. My flight touchdown at Subang Airport around 9.45 pm. Okey fine! Since in the flight I already happy! Since in the flight I already planned everything for this whole week! Eat and eat and eat all the time! Shop and shop and shop everytime! tv and tv and tv all the time! Haha..... That's all my activities that I will do this whole week! No one can't stop me! No one! Not even single person can't blocked my way to do all this matters.... :P

Okey let start everything here....

"Attention to all passengers of FY 2609 to Subang! Flight calling! Please use terminal C to gate 3. Thank you!"....... [can't describe my feeling after I heard this announcement] yeepii!!!!

Okey actually yesterday is my first time I took Firefly! If before this I always took Airasia when comeback to Klang. Haha.... Okey the differences that I can between Firefly and Airasia is (1)Okey actually Airasia is cheaper than Firefly (2)Firefly is smaller than Airasia (3)differences between their seats [firefly 2 seat a row while airasia 3 seat per row] and etc... I can't describe everything. Try to ride a Firefly then try to ride Airasia we can find a lot of differences. my flight touchdown at the Subang Airport around 9.45 pm and my mom already waited for me at the arrival since when? I don't know! :) Anyway since I saw my mom I already feel like wanna to jump here and there, screaming here and there and doing everything here and there! Okey fine! Sound like crazy right? Right? Is it right? Yeah! Confirm! Haha.... :P wink*

After I touchdown... Hehe... As usual I asked my dad to brought me to mamak stall in section 3, Shah Alam. I don't care what time is it that time! I really eager wanna go to mamak stalls since in the flight! Okey having 'Roti Canai' and 'Teh 'o' Ais'! OMG! I don't know how to describe my feeling that time! +_+!!!! Emmm... yummy!!!! It so yummy! Haha.... I missed mamak stalls so much!!! I feel like wanna go to mamak stall everyday i don't care is night or day! I don't ever feel bored at all. I have lot of stories to shared with my families at mamak stalls. From one story to another story but... I still even finished my 'roti canai' coz' I kept telling story all the time. Hehe... Until my mom asked me to stopped talking and finished my 'roti canai'. Hehe... What to do! I liked telling story to my family what did I do over there. Telling over the phone is to hard coz' I will make my dad phone out of credit. Hehe...

After mamak stall of course to Home Sweet Home! Okey! My expression when I see my house! "Wargh!!!! I'm back! I'm back! Home!!!!!!!!" Missed my home so much!!!! Not just that, I missed my cats so much!!! This 5 cats!!!! My mom already give me a random characteristic of them but.... When I saw them with my own eyes "wargh!!!! they are totally different from the day I left Klang to continuing my study for the new semester. They are so fat! I don't know what they ate until become that fat! Haha... Anyway I really missed them so much!

Yeepii!!!! Selangor here I am! Shah Alam here I am! Klang here I am! and Home Sweet Home here I am!!!!!


hug&kiss.... :)

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