20th Dec 2011

Hey peeps!!!

20th Dec 2011? What's wrong with that date?

Okey actually 20th Dec 2011 is a day when I call as a 'kelam-kabut' day. Wanna know why? Coz' this day was a day I can even feel to rest! Haha... (Tuesday,Dec 20.2011)! There is lots of things happen in this date. Funny, sad, happy, stress and so on are in one day only.

Let starts....

As usual Tuesday is packed day for me. From morning till evening I don't even have a rest at all. I feel like I did an explore race! Haha.... From one place to another place than back to the same place. Huh! Sometimes I feel so bored keep going the same place again and again at the same class. Haha... But, what to do??? Students life! Is always like this. Okey let see what class I have on Tuesday? Right, every Tuesday morning I will start my class with IMD 156 that also known as Access to Information which held in block B. B301-KL that is the class. Okey, this class I really enjoyed it. This class started at 10 o'clock and end at 1 in the afternoon! 3 hours!!! But, I feel like 3 minutes. Haha... It so unlogic, right? Sir Farouq our lecturer for IMD 156 always makes the whole class laughed from start till end. We didn't even feel sleepy in his class. AS we all already got a book for his class so, we straight started our lessons by using that book. Okey this IMD 156 have a similarities related to IMD 102 that I learned last semester in Madam Aswani class. But, there is just a few new subtopic in it but the contain is still same as IMD 102. So,right now I still can understand what Sir farouq teach.

Then, as IMD 156 end around 1 pm in the afternoon, my friends and me rushed to have our lunch at ZnZ Cafe near the Administration Block. We just have a few minutes to having our lunch before heading to 'Pusat Islam' to perform our Zohor Prayer. At this time i really feel lazy to go to the next class. Why? Coz' I don't have a rest at all. From IMD 156 - IMD 157. Look? 2 classes in one day but, the time a really packed for me! I just have a few minutes to do 3 jobs. Lunch, perform Zohor prayer and changed my clothes from jeans and t-shirts to co-curriculum uniform! Huh!!! My bag is so damn heavy! -_-'!

Next class started at 2 pm in the evening! IMD 157 which also known as Communication Skills to Information Professionals I. Haha.... Communication class. Start at 2 o'clock and end at 4.50 in the evening!!! I'm so tired!!! Okey, talked about communication skill. We have learned a lot from here. About our self and also our perception towards other peoples. The Interpersonal role, Intrapersonal role and many more. Okey, first I thought this subject was a tough subject but when I learned it everything is happen around us. Sometimes I keep thinking back whatever I talked it is related to me and also it gives impact on others too. yeah!!! Anyway i'm still trying to love this subject as much as possible from the bottom of my heart!!! Or i think I need to do this for a second time! If when I'm in school I love to put this at my room, my table and my school bag "I LOVE MATHEMATICS" Wanna know why? Coz' I really hate Maths so when it comes to the SPM i need to fall in love with mathematics. How i'm struggle to be with mathematics but at last I did my mathematics very well. So, I think I should do this to IMD 157 "I LOVE IMD 157". Haha... sigh*

After, IMD 157 as usual too, I'm having co-curriculum. Aargh!!! Actually I feel very lazy wanna go to National Kesatria but I still forcing myself to go to the National Kesatria! Okey today lesson that my platoon learned is marching. If last week we having a training on TTS (TEMPUR TANPA SENJATA) but, for this week my platoon need to training on marching. Okey fine! Actually I forget a few steps! But what to do 6 weeks I left my marching training behind when the semester break before this. Haha... Anyway lucky our commander teach us again. Haha... After this mid-semester break i'm going to having my TTS (TEMPUR TANPA SENJATA) training back! Oh yeah!!! I like it! :P
One more thing is, i'm eager wanna know when is our National Kesatria camping! Okey! When? when? when? When is my commander wanna let us know for our camping? [I hate waiting] actually! [peace] wink*

Ahah! I like to share this moment! Hey peeps! Actually this date and this day is our last classes before the mid-semester break holiday for Christmas! I like it! ahahaha I like it! [bwekk!] I feel very happy!!! Why? I wanna go home! Fara want home! Home! Home! [I think i use and E.T script].Haha.... :P HOME!!!! I can't describe how much I Miss my Home Sweet Home so much!!! I can't describe it! really can't describe it! I dunno why? I already done 50% packing and it will be continued this morning! My flight will be taking off from Pengkalan Chepa around 8.45 pm and we will touchdown at Subang Airports around 9.45 pm. And I can't wait to meet my dad, mom, lil' bro and my cats!!! Yaww!!!! Happy! Happy! Day! :P

That's all!!!

hug&kiss... :)

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