samsung galaxy... my 8 handphone!

Mownink peeps...

Okey today I just wanna share this.

I already change my handphone. What brand? Nokia? Blackberry? Sony Ericcson? iPhone?.... Which one? Haha.. Actually I change my handphone from Sony Walkman model W380i to Samsung Galaxy Europa. This is my first time using Samsung. Before this I prefer to use Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericcson. Well, now I am trying to use Samsung. Haha... :)

Wanna know something? Samsung Galaxy is was my number 8 handphone! Haha.... I can't believe that I change my handphone 8 times. Haha... [arrogant laugh] @_@. My first handphone is Nokia 3310. It was a big handphone and heavy. I think everyone know this Nokia 3310 right? If you guys don't know Nokia 3310 go and ask Mr. Google! He knows everything from gadgets and so on.

Back to the topic. Fine! This is my first time using Samsung Galaxy it takes time for me to get use to it. If before this every handphone that I use I never read the user manual but, this time I need spend about a few weeks to study on Samsung Galaxy. I brought everywhere the user manual book. Lucky it just a small and light book. Haha... Can you believe this I bring the user manual to college too. Haha... Nobody know that I bring the user manual book to college. Hehe... Just my family and close friends only know that!

hug&kiss :)

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