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Hey peeps...

Okey fine!!! It still raining! [sarcastic face]. Okey today since morning till now it still heavy rain and I am really super duper freezing right now. Okey I think almost everyday i'm wearing my adidas jacket in my room accept when I go to the classes only I didn't wearing this jacket. Today I taken my bath around 12 o'clock in the noon. I'm thinking when I take my bath at the pick time is not really cold but??? Well you know! Feel like i'm not sitting at Malaysia but sitting at the North Pole! Haha.... I'm sick of it!!! Urgh!!!! Today only I think about fourteen times I've been entering that smelly toilet. Urgh!!! Damn! What to do!!!!

Today i'm only having one class that is BEL 260. What is that? Haha... BEL 260 is preparing us for MUET! Okey roughly I told you guys that I really love this class so much! Haha... An English class who doesn't like right? Everyone love English. My lecturer for BEL 260 is a male lecturer. Known as Sir Fadhli. We call him as Sir Fadhli. He is a TESL graduated just like my mom but my mom is a TESL graduated from the University of Winnipeg, Canada but he is locally graduated. Haha... It different right? Of course!!! [annoying face]. Okey this is my friends and I having BEL 260 for the second time. My first impression when I found that my lecturer for BEL 260 is a male of course scared! Haha... I don't know why? Don't ask me!!! Hik3x. @_@'.

When I get to know my lecturer in our first class, he is a funny lecturer I never met before. He was an open-minded lecturer and really friendly but he is a very particular and punctual person. He never come late to the class. He is a straight to the point person. I love when he says this word "I'm not your talking, walking, living dictionary". Okey that's mean he ask us to bring this heavy dictionary everyday to his class!!! Haha... So, everything we need to refer to the dictionary. Moreover, he never give us a chance to speaks Malay in class with him. Why? He wants us to improve our english communication skills. So that's mean we are not going to here any single Malay words in his class! He says that only him can talk in English and Malay in the class. Even if we want to talk or massage him, we are not allowed to use any Malay words. He has lots of face expression. Haha.... Anyway I'm enjoying in his class.

hug&kiss :)

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