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Hey yaww peeps....

Yeah! Today post is just like before. Haha... What to do. Right now is a raining seasons so my post will be having all this rain stuffs. Damn!!! I hate raining seasons. It feels like all stuffs that I wanna to do are super duper stunted. Such as, I even can wash all my clothes coz' it keep raining all the time. Sometimes drizzling, sometimes heavy and sometimes it cloudy then it's rain back!!! Damn right? Huh!!! Everything is stunted!!! When it is going to stop raining? I don't know. It hard for me when its rain coz' I HATE TO BRING AN UMBRELLA to CLASS!!!!

Okey! This morning my class started at 10 o'clock in the morning. But yesterday around 2 am in the morning my _____ just text me. So, I sleep late coz' texting with him. Haha.... What's make me so the 'kelam kabut' was that I set my alarm clock 8.30 in the morning but I get up when it turns to 9 o'clock. Haha... At that time everything I do was so totally rushing. Why? Coz' I never iron my clothes yet and at that time it already showed 9.15 am. Haha... Lucky the lecturer get in the class late. And that morning was a super duper heavy rain and I need to scramble with the others to get in the 'tenggiling' to go to the class with my other classmates. I'm all wet and I am totally freezing inside the tenggiling. Haha.... Look every story that I made there were be the word RAIN or RAINING!!! God!!! I hate it. Haha...

Back to the topic. I was been elected as the Assistant Class Representative!!! Can you believe it? Coz' I can believe that I myself has been elected as the Assistant Class Representative by Sir Farouq on his first day of class this morning. Haha... Everyone in the class doesn't want to be the assistant at last me myself has been elected. Haha.... Pheww!!!! Lucky it just an assistant if I be the Class Representative? That will be much much job! Haha... ^_^. Anyway I need to prepare myself that I will be going to lose my credits. Haha.... I'm such a stingy right? Anyway that was one of my character. But I will never been stingy when I am going to text my parents or my _____. Haha... I'm so bad!!!! What to do I luv both of them my parents and my _____.

Okey!!! Today I already start my co-curriculum activity. And I'm still entering the National Kesatria. I don't want to change others c0-curriculum. Why? Coz' I want to save my budget here. Moreover, if I change to another co-curriculum activity I need to pay more on their t-shirts and fees. But if I stayed in National Kesatria I just have to pay RM10 for fees coz' I already paid my t-shirts when I'm in the semester one. So, just now we can't have our meeting at the Medan Ilmu coz' it was raining [annoying face, I Hate RAIN] so we having our meeting in the class at block A. Haha.... Actually I pray that will no any co-curriculum will be done cause to the rain but it still on!!! Hik3x. What the hell i'm praying that the co-curriculum meeting will be canceled without any reasonable excuses to be make. Am I right? And today meeting will so damn boring!!! Haha... I feel so sleepy while sitting in the class just now. Lucky we finish everything around 6.40 pm and it almost dark like around it was maghrib but actually it still 6 o'clock in the evening. And that time I also need to scramble into the 'tenggiling' again coz' wanna to avoid myself from the rain. Again the rain word. Can't I just stop using this rain word? It really mess my head up and also my post!

Anyway, I still predict that it will be going to rain again to night!!!!


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