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Mownink peeps...

Haha... I guess why can I writing in blog while suppose I'm having my first class today. Well all the lecturers are having ice breaking with the juniors. So, they are to super duper busy doing ice breaking sessions with them and giving all this briefing stuffs that I really hate it. Lucky, everything is over for me. So, zip it. I'm a part two student and for me part one is over. Haha..... @_@'. My first day as a part two student here in UiTM Machang had been greeting by the rain. So good right??? Haha... I hate when it is raining. Is hard for me to go the class. Huh!

Yeah! Today suppose to be my first class with the new lecturers plus with the new subjects. I have two class today. This morning suppose to be IMD 152. Question mark! Don't ask me what is IMD 152. I don't know what subject is that. Then, I'm having BEL class. Haha... One of my favorite class. Of course it is the english class. Haha... English! My favorite subject. Why? English subject is the easiest subject here. But why I get B in my final test? Question mark for me again? Lucky I didn't failed if not I'm going to be killed by my mom. Haha.... Shamed on me if I failed on the easiest subject right?

From yesterday. The day I've register college I already been greeted by this rain. Huh! Hate raining seasons. Why? Coz' is hard for me to get down all my stuffs from my dad car boot by holding this damn umbrella. That was yesterday story and now is for today. Today it still raining and keep on raining until I get all wet and lastly there is no class at all. Huh! Why did I must entered the second semester on the raining seasons? Why? Anyone can tell me why? Nobody can!!! So do I!!!! When it going to stop? I don't know. Everything goes wet here and there. Feel cold taking my bath this morning. But I feel so sleepy on raining seasons and become the LAZY BUMP!!!

hug&kiss... :)

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