new story of me in second semester...

Hey peeps!!!

Yeah! Today is my big day. I register myself as a second semester student in UiTM Machang. Haha... It so fast for me to be a senior in here. Haha... ^_^'. What to do university life is such a different from the school life. Firstly, I can believe that I already become a second semester student. Yeah!!! Second semester.... Do I Can Called As A Senior??? [but i'm thinking that i am still a junior] haha... @_@.

This morning, right not really a morning but it almost afternoon. I was register for my new college. And I'm so happy that I get the same room as last semester. Lucky for me doesn't have to climb up and down those tricky stairs bring along my stuff that a really heavy. Haha... Moreover, I have a same roommate too, Kak Ilah the part 5 student. Kak Ilah helps me a lot from last semester till now. Thanks!!!

hug&kiss :)

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