i'm just me and i like it like that ( 1 )

Morning yaww!!!

Yeah! today my post if general. So, that's why my title is " i'm just me and i like it like that (1) ". I took it from my blog title. That's mean those post is general. Yeah!!! Wanna know why I did this as a general post because I don't have a topic to post for today. Anyway, I think this is enough for me to post a new post in my blog.

Wanna know what the I do from yesterday morning until now? Haha... right. First for all, I'm going to say something. I've been sitting in front of my lappy since I comeback from Kelantan. I've been sitting in front the lappy I think for 8-9 hours. I think so. Just a random pick hours. Haha... ^_^. And the most important is, I've been online the facebook everyday. From morning till night!!! Now know one can stop me because I online using my own lappy and my own broadband.

Yeah! Yesterday I'm having my driving class because I gonna have a JPJ test on Wednesday. Yeah! I hope I passed my JPJ test because I don't wanna repeat it again. Repeated the test is such a nightmare and moreover, I really, really need to passed these test because I have a few days only before I start the new semester in Kelantan. So, I need to passed these test whatever happen. Chaiyok! Fara you can do it!!! Gombate!!! ^_^. Yeah! Maybe went in driving class I can do it much better but, when did it in front those JPJ officer everything goes wrong. Maybe I too nervous. Haha... Anyway, need to passed it!!! Gombate.

After that, my mom and I went straight to AEON Bukit Tinggi. Wanna know what we do over there? Shopping? Eating? Eyewash? Hangout like the unemployed? The answer is definitely NOT!!! Well shopping sound slightly what we did. But not shopping for us but shopping for the cats!!! Yeah! My mom bought quit lots of fish for our cats. We spend more than RM100++ for our cats. From their sand right to their foods. Spending for the cats is much expansive than spending for a human like us. Haha... We want a best for those cats. Cats? Why having a 's' at the word Cat? Haha... We have 7 cats at house. Right now we have only 5 because the other two alredy dead. Because they have been sick for more that 2 days. yeah! Until now the whole family still missed them so much!!! Something without our realized we have called their name. Hurm! Missed them so much! :'(.

I think that's all what I did.... More post next time.. :)

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