Hangaroo games.

Have all of you heard about the Hangaroo? It sound like the Hangman actually. If before this we always heard about the Hangman but now we heard about the Hangaroo. It's function are same as the Hangman. But only one, the Hangaroo will be tied up at the gallows and waiting to hang itself when we can't answered those question correctly. But, there is one thing! This kangaroo can't stop babbler to the player. Haha... ^_^'. So, we need to be patient played Hangaroo.

Hangaroo also have some differences than Hangman. It also give us some info about something words or peoples that we don't know. So, from here we also get to know a few attribution. Isn't that great. At the same time it give us a good info. Hangaroo are really give us challenges to our mind. But actually it is the most fun game than the Hangman. Hangaroo can be divided into many parts such as, phrases, song title/singer, book title/author and many more. Sometimes those peoples, singer, the song title we never heard before can be found in Hangaroo. So, here we can get to know many peoples and whatever title that we are really even know. Aren't it fun?

Oh yeah! the Kangaroo will start angry when we pulled out the wrong letters! This is the Kangaroo favorite words "why i always stuck with and idiot!". I really hate that word when playing Hangaroo. Haha.... But I like when sees the Kangaroo died at the gallows because we pulled out those wrong word until four times and we says bye2x to the Kangaroo!!!

HANGAROO = Hang the Kangaroo!!!

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