My post is about Sudoku.

Sudoku is a single number in Japanese, but the puzzle may not have been from Japan originally. Euler, an 18th century Swiss mathematician, created a simpler version called Latin Square: Number Place was really popular in a US magazine in the 1970s. Sudoku first appeared in a UK newspaper in 2004 and has been popular in the UK ever since.

How To Play Sudoku?

Sudoku puzzle has 9 large squares altogether, called regions. Inside each of the regions there are 9 smaller squares. The numbers that are already printed in the puzzle are there to start you off. We need to solve the puzzle is fill the empty squares with numbers. Every number from 1-9 needs to fit in:

i) Each row (9 squares going across)
ii) Each column (9 squares going down)
iii) Each region (1 grid 9 squares)


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