Real Steel is a 2011 American science fiction film starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy. The film is based in part on the 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson, though Levy placed the film in U.S. state fairs and other "old-fashioned" Americana settings. Real Steel was in development for several years before production began on June 11, 2010. Filming took place primarily in the U.S. state of Michigan. Animatronic robots were built for the film, and motion capture technology was used to depict the brawling of computer-generated robots and animatronics. Real Steel was publicly released in Australia on October 6, 2011 and in the United States and Canada on October 7, 2011 to mixed to positive reviews. It was released in both conventional and IMAX theaters.

I watched this movie with my family. It never bored me at all. This is because the movie with action from the first until the end. It also contain about family inside it. Anyway it is really the best movies all over. I feel liked wanna watched again. I watched this movies and TGV Cinemas AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

For me I give the rating for Real Steel is 5 Stars.

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