my story in 1st semester at uitm


I already finish my 1st semester at university. Lots of story that I want to share here. Yeah! Sharing is caring, right? Haha... First for all, I want to says welcome back to Klang. I miss my home so much. I come back last Saturday after I finish my IMD 103 paper. I feel so excited after came out from the examination hall. Alright lets start my story....

Its begun here...

I entered UiTM on the 2nd June 2011. One day before Aichik's wedding in Raub. So do my cousin who also entered UiTM on the same day as me. My feeling when I got to know that I got to entered the UiTM was that I really happy. I got to do Diploma in Information Management. On that night I keep google about Information Management. Even my cousin also doing the same thing. I got in the UiTM in Machang, Kelantan whereas, my cousin got it at Segamat, Johor and did the same course as me.

On the first day I entered the gate I feel so nervous. Yeah! Of course feel so nervous because that is my first time. When I got down from the car I feel something weird. Weird why? I feel that lots of people kept looking to me like they looking at the ghost. But who cares right? What make me so uneasy is when my first time I step on Kelantan is I can't even understand one single word that they talk. That makes me to think twice when I want to talked. Moreover, at that time I really feel uncomfortable to stay there. Since first day I can't cooped up with their life over there and also their food. Yeah! Even myself here in Klang I don't even touch rice everyday. But when I looked to my friends that taking rice everyday make me so weird. Morning, they took a rice then, when lunch time they also took a rice even at night too. I can count how much the eat rice in one day.

My life over there are surrounded with Kelantanese students, Terengganu students and also Pahang. I can count how many are really outsider. Like me when my first time I entered my class most of them spoke Kelantan and the rest spoke Terengganu. I can't even understand what they talked. So, since that day I will make sure that my iPod will always be with me where ever I go. This is because when they talked with their friends I will turn on my iPod very loud. If I joined them also I can't understand what they talked. So, better I listened to my iPod. It take time to make me feel really comfortable to stayed there. Yeah! Kelantan are really different from Selangor. If here I can got everything that I want but over there it really hard for me. To have fast food are really,really,really hard. In Machang there is only have KFC. So, right now I really fed-up to having KFC anymore.

One course that I really loves is IMD 102 and Cocuriculum. I entered Kesatria Negara. Why? Because it have been so long I didn't marching. Since I finished schooled. So, when I entered Kesatria Negara I got to march back. I thought I have lost my skilled but actually my skilled is still there. Good job, Fara!!! Haha... I'm having Kesatria Negara every Monday evening from 5-7 pm. Its really fun. I really enjoyed it when I entered there. I got lots of friends when I entered Kesatria negara. Friends not just from my course but also from the other courses. it fun to make friend with them. They are very friendly and talkative. My platoon name as X-ray. Nice name right? Haha... Next year I still entered Kesatria Negara. I don't want to change anymore because I already can cooped up with them. Maybe next time I got more experienced in Kesatria Negara.

Four months I be there. I got to followed my friends everywhere. I have been to Pekan Machang and also to Kota Bahru. In Machang, for me there is nothing can I find overthere. Pekan Machang is not like Klang. Whereas in Kota Bahru I have been KB Mall. KB Mall is an shopping complex. First time I entered that KB Mall it can't beat any shopping complex here in Klang and KL. I always imagined that KB Mall is like Aeon Bukit tinggi and also like Aeon Bukit Raja or like the Mid Valley in KL. But, it like a Mydin in Klang. It just my tought. But anyway I still happy cause I can get my Secret Recipe cake. Haha...

Yeah! what the most I can't forget is when I need to finish my final project and other assignment. It make me so tension. I feel like I wanna quiet from that place. But, I'm not that crazy. By studying peoples will looked up to us. So, I just patient to finished my final project. Sometimes, I sort of thinking why I didn't get the same place with my cousins and why don't I just changed place with my cousin? For me Kelantan and Selangor are really far away. And I can't find any sort of sources to do my assignment. But anyway at last I can finished it. But it really make my head miserable. Oh My God!!!

As the final examination is around the corner. I rarely went to my friends room as I want to concentrate with books. I just went there when I really can't understand that question. Other I will be in my room and date with my books. I started my first paper on the 19th September 2011. I'm having BEL. It was the english exam. So, I don't really read so much. It just and essay paper. I know I can do it. Then it followed by CTU paper, IMD102, MGT 162 and IMD 103. Then it my time to comeback where I belong. First when I entered the examination hall or classroom it feel like I'm taking SPM paper. Want to know why? The invigilator will tells the rules and regulations and also asked us to put the the matrix card and the examination slip on the table. It totally like how the SPM candidates did. Haha... I can't forget that moment.

Alright, I think that all I can share here.


Adios!!! Bye!!!

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