my collections...

This is my favorite book.
My Idol.

This is the most sentimental value book.
My grandfather gave it to us.

This book I got it from my dad.
Actually this book are belong to my dad but he gave it to me.

This is the most sentimental book.
This book wrote about the Malay Heroes, Leftenan Adnan Saidi.

This is my Ain Maisarah collections.
She is my favorite author for the teen lit.

This is my novels collection.

My mom bought this book when we already have a cat at home.

This collection of books when I was 12 years old until I 15 years old


Everyone has their own collections. So do I. My collections are books. I have a lot of books. Such as novels, non-fiction, storybooks and many more. I can spend one day in front of those books. Moreover, I can even read those book over and over again. It never make me boring at all.


Adios!!! Bye!!!

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