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Yeah! Before I started my story for today. I would liked to wished Happy Deepavali to all my friends who celebrated Deepavali. Well, yesterday was a public holiday because it was a Deepavali celebration. So, my family and I having fun at KL. Yeah! Favorite spotted of course at the Suria KLCC. So, with got out from the house around 9:30 am then we had our breakfast in Shah Alam. Because it was a public holiday so the Syed Restaurant full of their regular customers. Haha... So do I.

My lil' bro reading his Darren Shan book on the way to KL

After having our breakfast, we straight have moved to KL. Well, the highways in KL are really quiet whether there is lots of car but it never jammed at all. Maybe, a lots of citizens of KL going back to their hometown. So really smooth for us to go to the KL today. We arrived at Suria KLCC around 10:45 am. A few minutes after the shopping complex was opened. At that time there are not lots of cars at the parking lots. I still can counted how many cars is there. Well, is easy for me to walked around at that time.

I bought Steve Jobs bibliography book

Well, as usual my family and I favorite in KLCC is their bookstore. Kinokuniya! That will be our first stopped in KLCC and we almost spending a few hours inside there. Well, my lil' bro will bought his favorite japanese comic books and i will spending my time at the english novels and also the malay novel. So do my mom but she will spending most the time at the english novel. Not like me. I will go around and around at the same placed until I really sure to bought those book. But yes! Yesterday I bought the Steve Jobs bibliography book. Well that was my aim yesterday to bought that book. But, one thing I don't have enough money on that time in my wallet. But I really lazy to go to ATM so my mom paid for me because she also bought a book for herself. Thanks!!!


As usual also, I will not missed visited my boyfriend, Harrods. He quit popular all over the world. Is he handsome? He is damn smart in that green uniform! Haha...^_^'. He always become the attraction to peoples but I don't care. That is his job to makes his workplace to be more popular. Aren't Harrods is handsome? Well, his mine and he is taken by me! Haha... Oh! Harrods 143! Hehe.... I will always miss you!!! ^_^.

Having lunch at the Haslam Restaurant

My lil' bro finished her drink!

We having our lunched around 2:30 pm. Having lunched at the Haslam Restaurant. We thought that when we having lunched at that time that restaurant are not really fulled with customers but our assumption are wronged. That restaurant is still fulled with peoples. All the tables are really occupied with customers. Lucky we got the sit. Having 'nasi campur' for lunch are really make my stomached fulled. But, one thing is I never finished my 'nasi campur' because i'm still fulled with roti canai. Haha... But! my watermelon juice confirmed finished. Is a waste if didn't finished my watermelon juice. Well, my favorite juice drink!

Then, my dad asked my mom where should we go next? And my mom answered. Let's go to the Amcorp Mall. I've heard about Amcorp Mall before and I always see that building on the way to KL But I never been to that placed before. So, that is our first time entering the Amcorp Mall. Whoa! Is quit big. But what is our mission goes overthere? Haha... Trying to go and tried to entered their bookstore. Anyway, in Amcorp Mall there are lots of bookstores. But our mission is to go to the Book Xcess. That placed was recommended by mom friend. She said that the priced for all the books are really cheap at that book Xcess. And it was true. I really got crazy at that time looking to their books. It was damn cheap.

Actual price in other bookstore: RM115.55
but, at the Book Xcess: RM17.95
Aren't that cheap!

Books like the World Guinesses Book of Record that was the price are almost RM100++, I can got it for RM19.90. Whoa! Is so unbelievable price! So do the other books that costs more RM90++ and above can get price around RM20++. I feel like wanna bought all the books but, I just bought about the David Beckham bibliography. The other day later I will bought the other books. My lil' bro also bought the book but I don't know what book while, my mom bought her favorite book that wrote by Torey Hayden. I really love that bookstore so much!!!

Wanna know why is so damn hard to captured my dad picture? Because my dad not really to take photo. Sometimes only he liked to take photos. Haha.... Anyway! I really having fun with my family today around KL and Petaling Jaya. ^_^.

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