chicken chop

Yesterday my family and I having our dinner at mamak stall in Shah Alam. Well, eating at our favorite mamak stall name Syed. It is the best mamak stall in Shah Alam. I really love that mamak stall so much! Breakfast, evening tea, even having dinner also at that stall. Their roti canai is the best. Even their waiters and waitress and its owner are really friendly.

Oh yeah! My opening for this post is about chicken chop but I go and "merepek" introducing that mamak stall. Haha... ^_^! Okey back to the topic. Yeah! Right we really having our dinner at the mamak stall. But I think is not suitable call it as dinner anymore because we having it around 9 pm and above so, it is suitable call as supper. Am I right? Yeah! Supposed too...

What makes me to put this post as chicken chop because I feel like wanna laugh. Having chicken chop at the mamak stall while my lil' bro having black pepper steak. It so unsuitable having this western food at the mamak stall. Peoples around us keep looking at us. So what? Is that foods disturbing they? Is that foods have poison or what? But just ignore it.

Yeah! Actually is really unsuitable having this western food at mamak stall. While my dad and my mom just having light dinner but my lil' bro and I having quit heavy dinner that late night. What to do? Only those foods crossed at our head at that time. Haha... So just order it. And we really finished it. But my big plate are really not cleaned as my lil' bro plate because I hate salad and coleslaw. I just finished the chicken and french fries. Haha... How wasted right?

Some peoples says that if ate at the mamak stall of course we needed to having their food like roti canai, tosai, puri, appam and many more. Not having the western food. But how? Actually I already getting bored having roti canai on that time. So, I just ordered chicken chop at that time. Suddenly only that food crossed my mind. Then, that what they surved it to me... Chicken Chop!

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