bye bye COMOT!!!

Pictures above showed me how I really miss this cat so much. She stay with us almost one and the half year. Her antics really brought me love cats so much. If before this I really phobia and scared with a cat but when I met with Comot, this cat make me to be brave with cat. Love them,protect them, play with them and many more.

Loosing Comot are one of the big loss to me. Comot is our family first cat. Comot came into our family middle of December after I finished my last SPM paper. Comot is everything to our family. Comot came to our family still a kitten. And she is so damn cute. On that time, we doesn't gave a name yet. We don't know what name tu put.

I still remembered when first time Comot came to our family. She looked so scared with us. She keep hiding under the tv shelf. Sometimes she will be hiding behind the tv shelf. And she keep running all over the house because she scared that we will catch her. The most make me laugh out loud is Comot tried to hide under the sofa on the upstairs living room. It take about 2 days for Comot to feel really comfortable with us. Haha... Yeah! Maybe Comot having culture shock. Haha...

How its got the name by Comot? Actually my mom gave its name. Why? My mom said looked at the fur. It have 3 colors on top. Brown, White and Black. And mixed up all over. Its looked messy but it is beautiful. That why we agreed with the name Comot.

Comot is an active cat. She liked to played with plastic. She can't see plastic. She will played with plastic, stayed inside the plastic until the plastic get torn. Moreover, Comot like to catch the lizard in our house. Comot just catch the lizard and play with it but, it not going to eat the lizard. Comot also like to disturbed my dad when my dad ironing his uniform. Sometimes she liked to sit beside my dad and sometimes she sit on the ironing place. Miss to see that moment again.

Comot give birth on the 1st April 2011. She give birth to 5 kittens. 4 female and 1 male. There are Chuning, Shabu, Nemo, Pancake, and Chiko. Comot really love her kittens so much. Comot protected all her kittens every hours. She never left her kittens anywhere. Comot is a great mother. Whenever she is a cat but she can protect her kittens from danger.

And now Comot left her 4 kittens with us yesterday. Comot dead a few hour after one of her kitten name Chiko dead yesterday. Comot fall sick for 2 days. And yesterday around 10:35pm Comot left us forever. We really miss Comot. Comot is our first cat. And now Comot left us forever.

So long Comot. Rest In Peace Comot.

Miss Comot so, so much!

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