bye bye CHIKO!!!!

Yesterday was a sad moment for my family and me. Chiko dead yesterday around 7 o'clock. She died without all of knew what kind of sickness that she had. By the way, she already sicked for two days. We thought that she only having a normal cat sickness such as fever. But she is really looked so frail and not have mood to play at all for two days.

Chiko was born on 1st April 2011 around 4 o'clock in the morning with her other siblings. My dad and my mom who became a doctor and nurse welcome her that morning. Chiko fur had 3 colors like her mother, Comot. She had a face like the snowdog. Slightly different then her other siblings who had a face like Comot. But one thing is her eyes are still the same like Comot.

How did she got a name by Chiko? My lil' bro has gave her that name. It based on dog which name Hachiko in Japan. Hachiko the dog is a memorial dog to its master long time ago. The dog adhere its master every single day or 24/7 non-stop at the train station until its dead. That's how Chiko got its name. Moreover its eyes like the Japanese are suit with the Japanese name Chiko. My lil' bro just took the behind name of Hachiko and became only Chiko.

Chiko had lot of name. Sometimes we called her as Hachiko-san. Sometimes we called her as Chiko the snow cat. Why? Because the shaped of its face looked like the snow dog. That's why we called her as Chiko the snow cat.Moreover, she is a fierce cat. Different then the other. She will get fierce and she like to developing her feathers when she get angry. Just like the snow dog.

Chiko is an energetic active cat among the other. She like running here and there, jumping the stairs up and down and disturbing peoples and its siblings. What the most she liked to do is supine sleep. She loves to sleep like that. From that moment whenever she did the supine sleep my dad will tickle her. And she will get angry and started biting peoples. Miss that moment.


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