Since yesterday I still blur why all my cats are not active like before? They even touched their foods that my mom put for them. Yeah! I know the ate the food but they did not finished their foods like they do so. Furthermore, they even not played all over. Running here and there. Jumping up and down. They did not active like before. Still become a question mark for me. WHY?
Just now when my family and I went out for breakfast. My mom put their food as before but they didn't touched the foods at all. They just see the foods without feeling. Haha...^_^'. What's wrong with all this cats? Are this is one part of their hormon? When we get back from breakfast in Shah Alam, we see all this cats are not active like before. Excited see we back and waited us in front of the sliding door. But, today when we get back we see all this cats are sleeping like a lazy bumps! Except for the Orange. Running in and out. Haha... Orange3x...

That's all I can write because I'm still in blur mood...


Adios!!! Bye!!!

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