already one week!!! but they still in our memory...

Missed Comot and Chiko so, so, much!!!
They are the great,great cats I ever had!!!
They are the most energetic active cats I ever had!!!
They are the most fussy cats I ever had!!! Like to eat the most expensive fish only!!!
They are the "manja" cats I ever had!!!

There are no others cats can replaced them in my heart!!!
When I see the places that Comot and Chiko always played it make me remember them.
Sometimes I feel liked they "meow" at me but it just my feeling.
Sometimes when I saw the lizard I will remember Comot. Comot likes to play with lizard! ^_^
Sometimes when I see Pancake I will remember at Chiko because Chiko had a same fur as Pancake but different colors. ^_^
My cats Orange and Nemo doesn't have friends to play around anymore. Chiko are their bestmate. Play together, eat together, sometimes sleep together. Everything they do it together.

One week already both of them left me!!! Anyway I never forget them at all. They always there beside me whether they are no more here beside me. I know they are there looking at me. Their master.

Missed Comot and Chiko!!!

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