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Hey blog!!!! Miss me?

Hurm!!!! Right now i'm really tension!!!! Tension??? Yeah! tension? Tension in everything!!! For this past few weeks i'm really tension that can brought me craziey all the way!!! Hua!!! Nightmare isn't it??? Huhuhuhu..... Talking about my tension. What bring me so tension first for all is my final project still not even settle yet till now.

That brings me really...really...really... tension all the way. Even in my sleep or when wake up first thing is thinking about my final project. Huhuhu..... Anyone help me please..... :'( I think this is worst than school. Well, this is my first time i'm having tension in study. For all this year since I was in standard one right up till I finish my form 5, I never having tension in study. But, over here i'm having such a great tension. Huahuahua!!!!! :'(

Hurm!!! First tension is about my final project. Secong tension is that really mess my head that already messy with everything is my laptop making a major problems toward me!!!! All this happen last 2 days when i'm about to finish my IMD 102 assignment. When I was opening the internet that afternoon after I comeback from IMD 101 class, I want to finish my assignment as soon as possible but, suddenly, my laptop shutting down by itself!!! Then it restart all over again. Every 5 minnutes it will shutting down by itself. Huargh!!! feels like want to burnt that laptop. How can I do my assignment???

Next day, my tension is my new pendrive having shorcut. I can even open every single assignment that I save in the pendrive. Not just my assignment but my flight booking ticket also having shortcut!!! How I wanna go home if I didn't prin out the flight ticket!!! Huahuahua :'( Help me!!! Why all this happen at this time??? Why???

And right now i'm using my friends laptop to online plus doing my work. My laptop will be in ward when I come back to Klang. I can live without my laptop. My laptop, My soul. My laptop, My boyfriend. Hahahaha... :) Well, laptop is Fara bestfriend after her bestfriend forever. But right now i'm really angry with u Mr. laptop!!! How can u shutting down yourself when i'm trying to finish my work!!!!

Hurm!!! Better I stop writing till here. Because I feel like to smack down my laptop right now. Hahahaha :)

Okey till here...


Adios!!! Bye!!!!

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